Don’t use seven words when four will do.
— Rusty Ryan, Ocean’s Eleven
It restarts every day.
— Xavier
God’s holy trousers!
— Peachy Carnehan, The Man Who Would Be King
That’s life.
— Woman on the subway
It was hard to believe that you’d ever be dead.
— Andrew Bird, “Tin Foil”
Holy contributing to the delinquency of minors!
— Robin
I’d never been to Belize.
— Rusty Ryan, Ocean’s Eleven
It’s kind of like a dream that never fades away.
— Lex Gillette, “A Sprint and Leap Into the Unknown," The New York Times
That’s silly.
— Kristin Cotter
I was born there.
— Bane, The Dark Knight Rises
Yippie yi oh, Yippie yi yay.
— Johnny Cash, “Ghost Riders In The Sky”
It’s good when you go through a lot of napkins.
— Phi Van Phan
I never knowed it before.
— Linda, Days of Heaven
And then I pull off my mask, and I’m a lizard person too.
— Brian Williams, "¡Que Sorpresa!,“ 30 Rock
They remember.
— Robert Muldoon, Jurassic Park
If you’re not turning you’re not breathing.
— Edison
At the moment I’m alive.
— Arthur Hockstader, The Best Man
I find myself, walkin’ the streets.
— Girl Talk, “Like This”
I’m recording my story for the scientists in the future.
— Hushpuppy, Beasts of the Southern Wild
Then it occurred to him that reality seldom coincides with the way we envision it beforehand; he inferred, with perverse logic, that to foresee any particular detail is in fact to prevent its happening.
— Jorge Luis Borges, “The Secret Miracle”