Mr. Babe Ruth
New York

caught today a Sailfish 9 feet
= inches long, weighing 136
— Certificate from HOTEL "EL MIRADOR," ACAPULCO, MEXICO at the National Baseball Hall of Fame with wall text "Ruth stays active in retirement"
Highly durable objects such as keys and golf balls were also found in large numbers.
— Wall text in 9/11 Memorial Museum
The early landscape-format photographs demonstrate how individual framework houses are members of a large comunity of buildings displaying variations of a single architectural style. The Bechers generally did not exhibit these and other similar wide-field views, which show natural topography and surrounding context, until 2003, near the end of their fifty years of working togther.
— Wall label, "Freudenberg, Germany, 1962," "Bernd & Hilla Becher," The Met
On November 13 he sent artillery expert Colonel Antoine Andréossy, to Paris "in order to cast guns in the same calibre as the English cannon so that, once in the country, we may be able to use their cannonballs."
— Andrew Roberts, Napoleon: A Life
I’m stuck in the elevator.
— Aarman in a text*
More books have been written with Napoleon in the title than there have been days since his death in 1821. Admittedly, many have titles like Napoleon's Haemrrhoids and Napoleon's Buttons, but there are several thousand comprehensive, cradle-to-grave, biographies too.
— Andrew Roberts, Napoleon: A Life
Girard’s big idea—which Thiel would internalize and adopt as a guiding principle, both in investing and in life—was that people are motivated, at their core, by a desire to imitate one another. We don’t want the things we want, Girard argued, because we judge them to be good; we want them because other people want them.
— Max Chafkin, The Contrarian: Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley's Pursuit of Power
It was a peculiarly constructed table in that it stood not on legs but on two large heavy supports, or socles, placed near the ends and extending nearly the width of the table. This interesting construction was not without its effect on subsequent history.
— William L. Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
There is a stenographic record of a monologue of his at headquarters on May 3, 1942. "I quite understand," he said, "why ninety per cent of the historic assassinations have been sucessful. The only preventative measure one can take is to live irregularly—to walk, to drive and to travel at irregular times and unexpectedly."
— William L. Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
But not everybody’s happy. Many iPhone users complained about iOS auto-enhancing photos to the point of making them look terrible. Your iPhone may sometimes over-expose and over-saturate images. Unfortunately, no amount of editing can undo the damage and make your photos look normal.... The bad news is that you can’t directly disable photo auto-enhance on iOS. The photo enhancing algorithm is built into your iPhone’s chip. Your device automatically applies the filter to each and every photo you take. The culprit has a name: Deep Fusion. As a quick reminder, Deep Fusion is an image processing algorithm that Apple introduced with iPhone 11. The algorithm processes your photos pixel-by-pixel optimizing texture, and other image details.
— Madalina Dinita, "How Do I Turn Off Auto Enhance on My iPhone?,"
What are you going to do there?
Count the machines?
— Lily after I jokingly said I was going to join a gym
I just wanna be a retired president.
— Lily
Before 1845
— Plaque on Providence house
Kasparov versus the World was a game of chess played in 1999 over the Internet. Conducting the white pieces, Garry Kasparov faced the rest o fthe world in consultation, with the World Team moves to e decided by plurality vote.
— "Kasparov versus the World," Wikipedia via @depthsofwikipedia
I wish I'd found spirituality earlier in life.
— Lily looking at a few bunnies
Compton said that while such an arrangement would probably be acceptable it was important to understand that there was a distinct bifurcation between the Tate's Archive and the Tate's Collection—that just because works might be accepted into the Archive did not mean they had been deemed worthy of being included in the Collection.
— Lawrence Weschler, Boggs: A Comedy of Values
If you have no destination for the work, you will have no work.
— Elliott Earls, "Alpha Designer. Beta Designer | Episode 117"
Be like a submarine.
— David referencing something C.J. Chivers said
When you leave you just walk out, you don't have to take the space ship back.
— Lily on how Mars 2112 was fake
How do you think gutters are made?
— E*