You’re not leaving without stuffed animals. I don’t care.
— Carnival game operator
I think true wealth is being able to provide fresh fruit for your family.
— Lily
What’s the price of that book?
— Penny, Canadian Boarder Interrogator
Just listen to me a second without booing or cheering.
— Joe Biden, DNC speech
Octopuses only have 6 legs. The other two are arms.
— Lily
Who let the frogs out?
— Lily on someone’s face
It’s not all accessible.
— Paul McCarthy on bottom shelf of CDs.
Plum powder.
— Sondern
Movies end.
— Jason
When I close my eyes I see a grape fruit inside of a grape fruit. It’s scary.
— Lily
He doesn’t like it when he feels trapped.
I wish I could do better but I’m not so apt.
— Lily
They’re so connected to the beginning of earth.
— Lily on bugs
A member of The Indian Army motorcycle display team rides his motorcycle through a rack of fluorescent light bulbs.
— Getty Images
Is it like performance art with still objects?
— Man walking by stack of Klondike bars with a book on top
With considerable wit Venturi redefined those two mythological items on the compound agenda-the people and non bourgeois-and then presented the elements of orthodox modern design in prank form, with “Kick me” signs stuck on the back. These became known among architects as “witty” or “ironic references.”
— Tom Wolfe, From Bauhaus to Our House
But in 1935 he did Fallingwater, a home for Edgar J. Kaufmann, Sr., father of one of his apprentices.
— Tom Wolfe, From Bauhaus to Our House
Snakes don’t have bones. Snakes have bones!?!
— Caleb
On day you’ll build a model and it’ll get used.
— Jason
The guy who started Pokemon was into insect collecting as a child.
— receptionist at PT
Hi depressed, I’m dad.
— UCB skit (watched with Bob Kohler)