Spiritual warriors.
— Alejandro Jodorowsky, Jodorowsky’s Dune
Epson WorkForce WF-7620
Not with that portfolio.
— Helen
I hooks
Everybody is somebody at Bob Evans
— Bob Evans on the wall of a Bob Evans
Greece and Puerto Rico.
The body isn’t round enough.
— Uncle John on a bug photo
Desk, armoire, 1 desk chair, 3 other chairs, 2 bookshelves.
Moon rock!
— Lily
Helene had lived in Overland Park for twenty-plus years, but it never took her very long to remind you she was from New York.
The Kansas City Star Obituaries
Much like the clown at the rodeo, Fox can keep the raging bull from stampeding a friend or family member. Fox can use silly tactics as a brilliant camouflage move. No one could guess the sly power behind such ingenious maneuvers.
— “Fox: Camouflage,” Medicine Cards
My generation is going to fade out not knowing what reality is.
— Sidney
A picture? Sure! I don’t mind. And if I do I’m lying.
— Peter
And they all started looking alike.
— Storyteller on emancipated sailors
We could go into town. O! What a nice bird.
— Emily
— Ghost
If I were to reply sincerely to the question of which profession I would have liked to pursue, had I possessed enough vigor to lead a real life, I’d have to list, in this order: ladies’ hairdresser, ice cream vendor, bird and reptile taxidermist… What my three unrealized vocations have in common is a certain analogy with culture, of which they appear to be impermanent and degraded (or repressed) forms.
— César Aira, “The All That Plows Through The Nothing,” The Musical Brain
Joystick faucet.
That falls under shit happens. You fly a jillion miles and land in a hole.
— Guy whose company makes satellite open things on Europe’s Rosetta