A pile of gerbils.
— Lily's metaphor for a person
Isn't that musical.
— Mason on microwave beeps
They're all the same thing.
— Caitlin on contemporary book covers
Those are not options.
— Mason on Lily's "Would you rather be really good at ice skating or small talk?"
It has always been the militant aggressor taking the place of the unprepared. Where are the empires of old?
— Douglas MacArthur, Select Speeches
It's not fair. They're just little chickens.
— Lily through tears seeing chickens transported by semi truck for the first time
I vow to always take more pictures of you and the dogs than the actual scenery we are out to see.
— Alex
But you have to have a stable home life.
— Bob Lazar on security clearances, "Joe Rogan Experience #1315 - Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell"
What's the context of this room? Where are we and is it locked?
— Lily in our bed at 11:20pm after falling asleep at 10:30pm
You should tell Israel that.
— Lily after I said "It's about the people not the location."
In our community.
— Bedouin woman
A new place to have a conversation.
— Doug on camels
If I had a reason it would be easier.
— Anat
This is war. I'm not trying to make it prettier.
— Anat
If I'm with the fiancés and Zack, I'm safe.
— Sam
You knew exactly when to stop talking.
— Bo on previous night
And it's never a coincidence. You see ants behaving like brain cells.
— Lily
Turn two degress to your right.
— Adam during blindfold exercise
How Eisenhower had forced the local Germans to visit the liberated camps and see for themselves the piles of corpses and the skeletal survivors.
— Shimon Peres, Ben-Gurion
She'll be very easy to find online.
— Lily on Greek Syracuse tennis player we talked to in the JFK security line