These rings! Who wears them!?
— Model in photo shoot
It’s almost like a marital ceremony, the way you two are drinking in unison. It’s always nice to see happy passengers.
— BOS TSA worker
Observation is clutch.
— Justin
O shit, I’m eating termites that’s discussing.
— Dave
Thank you sir.
— Mark
You have to give birth to earn that.
— Woman on train
I don’t know Jigga.
— RATATAT, “Glock Nines (Beanie Sigel & Jay-Z)”
— Lambertville graffiti
The Big Bang and God is all the same, whatever you believe in guys. The Big Bang and God is all the same.
— Natural History Museum worker as people exit Big Bang show
When you read it it really does make sense.
— Man in The Whitney
You might want to wear shoes.
— Roger Sterling, "The Monolith,“ Mad Men
In fact, the report said, because drone pilots watch their targets sometimes for days and weeks before pulling the trigger — and then see them blown up on a high-resolution video screen — they are more susceptible to post-traumatic stress than pilots of manned aircraft.The panel instead reserves the bulk of its criticism for how two successive American presidents have conducted a “long-term killing program based on secret rationales,” and how too little thought has been given to what consequences might be spawned by this new way of waging war.
— Mark Mazzetti, “Use of Drones for Killings Risks a War Without End, Panel Concludes in Report,” The New York Times
This thesis has interpreted typography and architecture as fields of dynamic organization systems which operate under a common set of parameters, while understanding that they exist independently of one another. Architects have the opportunity to build new spaces and structures, but the letterforms in our alphabet have been passed down, and typographic design reinvents these existing conditions based on a number of fundamentally architectural design concepts. Typography then becomes a process of managing a vast collection of parts in the same way that buildings are constructed frame space and facilitate programatic requirements. However, while many of their fundamental principles overlap, a literal synthesis of typography and architecture-making buildings from letters or letters from buildings-would only succeed in combining the most superficial characteristics of two design fields that should exist independently, but always be acutely aware of their deep-seated relationship.
— Charles Sneath, Typography and Architecture, 2009 Thesis No. 22808, Princeton University
Worry about others’ concerns, like pleasure on their account, needs regular renewal if it is not to fall away
— Kingsley Amis, “Dear Illusion”
That I’ll pretend to find.
— Grizzly Bear, “While You Wait for the Others”
He slips into spaces.
— Ian Darke, USA v. Portugal, 2014 FIFA World Cup
You’re going to be plaid by the end of the day.
— Austin
No I won’t be afraid.
— Burnt Toast, “Stand By Me”
On and on and on, on and on and on.
— Nat Baldwin, “Weights”
That was easy.
— Easy Button