We jumped out a window!
— Baymax, Big Hero 6
Queen of the cows!
— Lily
— Lily on top of the roadside mountain we climbed
We’re cutting through it, it’s not cutting through us.
— Lily on landscapes
Why not?
— Mickey Shaughnessy’s response to “you mean you made all that money singing?,” Jailhouse Rock
Two rye bread slices, one with mashed fish & the other with smoked trout. Flatbread with sheep-head jelly, beansalad & turnip.
— Icelandic plate I at Cafe Loki
Look, nervous corners!
— Lily
Any available store security please come to the cheese department.
— Fairway loudspeaker
Kale and Feta.
— Overpriced salad
It’s quite good.
— Paul Rapoport on drinking umbrella rain
Beautifully illustrated.
— Christine Boyer
The air is thick with pride.
— Lily
THE PROBLEMS OF MATHEMATICS Princeton Bicentennial Conference - 1926
— Photo in Fine
Contact Stephen Wood ‘15
[email] [phone] OR TAP ME ON THE SHOULDER
— Paper on the back of Stephen Wood’s beer jacket.
A chief’s knife set.
— Steve
George Washington Bridge
There she blows!
— Jamo on opening a jar of pickles
It’s like Europe you know? It’s like an esophagus. Oh! Someone had leaves for breakfast you know?
— Lily on an alleyway
Luckily, he didn’t take her too seriously. He replied, with a smile, that for him theater was sacred, even in its moved debased forms.
— César Aira, “The Musical Brain,” The Musical Brain
On the stand he looks kind of like George Stephanopoulos, except tired and fearful.
— Sarah Koenig, “Route Talk,” Serial