Artist Sophie Calle's HERE LIE THE SECRETS OF THE VISITORS OF GREEN-WOOD CEMETERY stands silent and ready to accept whatever secrets of which you might seek to unburden yourself.
— @historicgreenwood
Long ago in Vienna, as we have seen, he had learned from the tactics of Mayor Karl Lueger the importance of bringing "powerful existing institutions" over to one's side.
— William L. Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
Tippy Tappy
— Title of hammer Haley made*
All Bank of England notes now carry a copyright message on the face as a direct result of Boggs' activities, the idea being that if they cannot secure a counterfeiting charge, then they can at least secure a copyright violation.
— "J. S. G. Boggs," Wikipedia
It's good. You're alive.
— JeeYeun on how it's good that the water is so cold*
— Raul*
In Mein Kampf Hitler discources at length on the art of reading.... "On the other hand, a man who possesses the art of correct reading will ... instictively and immediately perceive everything which in his opinion is worth permanently remembering, either becasue it is suited to his purpose or generally worth knowing ... The art of reading, as of learning, is this: ... to retain the essential, to forget the nonessential. ... Only this kind of reading has meaning and purpose."
— William L. Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
How much do you need war to legitimize warriors?
— Dan Carlin, "Dan Carlin: Hardcore History | Lex Fridman Podcast #136"
We Miss You!
— Email from Pavement Coffeehouse
Just let me go where.
— Yusuf / Cat Stevens, "Trouble"
The bobbin.
— Sophia teaching me how to sew*
You essentially become archival.
— Nicholas on cremataion*
Molasses Cookies
— Sign over the molasses cookies
He is not concerned about privacy regulators, he said, because PimEyes operates differently. He described it as almost being like a digital card catalog, saying the company does not store photos or individual face templates but rather URLs for individual images associated with the facial features they contain. It’s all public, he said, and PimEyes instructs users to search only for their own faces. Whether that architectural difference matters to regulators is yet to be determined.
— Kashmir Hill, "A Face Search Engine Anyone Can Use Is Alarmingly Accurate," The New York Times
The IKEA effect is a cognitive bias in which consumers place a disproportionately high value on products they partially created.
— @depthsofwikipedia via @eli8527
RIP Wassily Kandinsky
You would've loved Uber Eats
— @dank.lloyd.wright
I don't have a really good answer, except for the fact that I'm finding that I'm an earnest person.
— I (potentially paraphrased)*
And what he learned in the end was what he had already known before he ever got there. The only difference, but it was a large difference, was that now he had seen it with his own eyes.
— Paul Auster, Burning Boy: The Life and Work of Stephen Crane
They suffer through the same ordeal, but three of them will live and one of them will not. Why? Not only does the question not have an answer, it has no meaning. Billy Hawkins dies. Mourn him by remembering him, remember him by mourning him. And then, if you happen to be a person who writes, put him in your story and if your story from 1897 is good enough, it will go on being read for a long time to come.
— Paul Auster, Burning Boy: The Life and Work of Stephen Crane
The weakness of such highly individual work lies in its sucess by surprise. The words which astonish, the phrases which excite wonder and admiration, come eventually to seem tricky. They lose force with repetition and come at last to be distasteful.
— Garland, via Paul Auster, Burning Boy: The Life and Work of Stephen Crane