“If one were to pick anyone up at random and study him intensely enough in all the ramifications of his life, we would get the whole story of man,” he wrote.
— Jill Lepore, Joe Gould’s Teeth
Gould wrote Davenport. “Their eminence was due, it seems to me, not as much to inherited ability as to inherited opportunity.”
— Jill Lepore, Joe Gould’s Teeth
I’m happy.
— Jack
Hi Paul.
— Woman unknown to Paul
Is that your account?
— Guy who saw me on the street
Undoing the work of God.
— Lily on taking one color out of the rainbow sprinkles
Everything bagel, egg, ham, cheese, plain.
— Lady from breakfast cart
What?… I just sit here sometimes.
— Jay
Dear Miss Sonnenblick:In response to your letter I regret to inform you that we have no information for distribution on the Loch Ness Monster.
— G. G. McVay, January 9, 1968, Department of Public Relations, The American Museum of Natural History
God loves it when we have a quiet and gentile spirit. Shabbat shalom.
— Sidewalk chalk guy after pinky hand shaking Lily
Would you like to curate a week on our feed?
— Instagram direct message
— Van Doren dog
Cat litter books? Is that new?
— Darren Haggar
You’re a waste of ice cream.
— Lily to hecklers in a car
I’m going to open shampoo books and take you out of business.
— Lily
Here ya go, you can have em back. We didn’t read em anyhow.
— Lily giving books back to a tree
To get hydrated.
— Why LTC plays Thumper
Your legs are Orville and Wilbur Wright.
— Matt Gwin’s character suggestion for Lobster Club improv skit
Frenchie Toast!
— Lilah
Look at my experimenter’s cove, got a peach pit, a little microscope, a little tooth mirror, ummm… nail clippers, and a Rubik’s cube.
— Lily on her side table