Have a good weekend sir.
— Extremely friendly 75 Rockefeller Plaza Lobby guard
— Joe Biden, “Biden Talks Trump, Faith And Fate In Front Of A Live ‘Fresh Air’ Audience”
Recently, Hillary announced her steadfast opposition to the winning candidate using a military term, saying she’d joined the “Resistance.”

Imagine if Trump lost and then announced that he’d joined the “RESISTANCE.” He’d be accused of trying to activate right-wing militias.
— Ann Coulter, “COULTER: The ‘Resistance’ Goes Live-Fire,” Breitbart
It’s going to be all right Ben.
— Kait on seeing me struggling
You know how they check the receipt at IKEA? You just go back and get a second of everything.
— Lily’s brilliant realization
It’s a light and tumble journey
from the East Side to the park
— Simon & Garfunkel, “At the Zoo”
You help us? You’re the king!
— Main Dumbo moving guy
If it were lower it could be a navel orange.
— Super friendly guy at work, who always chats with me when I’m cutting something I just printed, on my Jason Polan shirt.
I like it when these two right here start arguing.
— Guy in line for Greek truck on the guy who takes orders and the woman who puts everything on top.
I can’t complain.
— Vending machine guy
Happy to do it, Steve.
— Frank Langfitt all the time on NPR
Do you get good sleep and don’t drink? It shows in your eyes.
— Photographer to me
Mastering of your
Anxiety and
Panic II
— book by David H. Barlow, Ph.D. & Michelle G. Craske, Ph.D. from Lily’s Grandma’s library
Nothing is certain.
— Peter on Amy and Jim breaking up
Chasing themselves.
— Ben Koger explaining how locusts are cannibals
Giving my eyeballs a break.
— Randy smoking outside
yr a hustler
— Jay in a text
Magnolia Bakery Chocolate Banana Pudding.
— Ideal Isle of White monthly birthday celebration food
Fleet Week.
— Lily pointing to some sailors in a restaurant
The tips of her fingers were all tiny. But the rest was like a big cloud.
— Lily on Carrie Komito