How Eisenhower had forced the local Germans to visit the liberated camps and see for themselves the piles of corpses and the skeletal survivors.
— Shimon Peres, Ben-Gurion
She'll be very easy to find online.
— Lily on Greek Syracuse tennis player we talked to in the JFK security line
Hey kid...
— Lily doing funny improvs before bed
The smell turns out to be the smell of fireplace ashes, or as Buzz Aldrin put it, the smell of the air after a fireworks show.
— Charles Fishman, "'One Giant Leap' Explores The Herculean Effort Behind The 1969 Moon Landing," Fresh Air
Well actually...
— Emily during Werewolf
Although he did not like to use a computer himself, he prided himself on being a technological innovator as well a a maker of unusual forms.
— Paul Goldberger, Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry
You don't work in the ice cream store if you don't like giving ice cream to kids.
— K*
— Edmund playing catch
Anticipatory grief.
— K*
I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road.
— Lil Nas X, "Old Town Road" via Peter
Wait, Ken, really?
— Emily during Secret H
After much deliberation I've decided not to wish my coworker a happy birthday.
— C*
Design is a set of relationships.
— Jason
I would like to be an ant.
— Sid
Well we all know what Benji would be up to at that time... He'd be making really skinny trumpets. As skinny as they go.
— Lily
There is a weird feeling of disappointment when you find something cool you already have.
— @montagueprojects
A typical example of the humorous village story is that of a rather stupid young man who had to make a formal call with his uncle on a friend, following the decease of the latter's father. Not knowing how to act, he asked his uncle to instruct him and the latter said simply to do exactly as he did himself. Now when they arrived at the firend's house, the uncle, being an unusually tall man, bumped his head on the gate cover as tehy went in. The nephew following him, seeing this, but being short, stepped back, and taking a run jumped up and hit his head also. They went inside and after bowing to the ancestral tablet, the uncle bowed to the host. As he did so he accidentlly broke wind. When the nephew tried to imitate him, he could not. He kept on trying, however, with the result that he defecated instead. The uncle was so disgusted that he took him home.
— "A Stupid Young Man," excerpted from Cornelius Osgood, The Koreans and Their Culture, in exhibit at the National Folk Museum of Korea
And just wait till the end. You know what the twist is? The best bibimbap is inside her all along.
— Lily on her memoir Bibimbap Survey
I want someone to yell at me sometime.
— Guy from France on Japan
Now that's the ticket.
— Lily