If I'm with the fiancés and Zack, I'm safe.
— Sam
You knew exactly when to stop talking.
— Bo on previous night
And it's never a coincidence. You see ants behaving like brain cells.
— Lily
Turn two degress to your right.
— Adam during blindfold exercise
How Eisenhower had forced the local Germans to visit the liberated camps and see for themselves the piles of corpses and the skeletal survivors.
— Shimon Peres, Ben-Gurion
She'll be very easy to find online.
— Lily on Greek Syracuse tennis player we talked to in the JFK security line
Hey kid...
— Lily doing funny improvs before bed
The smell turns out to be the smell of fireplace ashes, or as Buzz Aldrin put it, the smell of the air after a fireworks show.
— Charles Fishman, "'One Giant Leap' Explores The Herculean Effort Behind The 1969 Moon Landing," Fresh Air
Well actually...
— Emily during Werewolf
Although he did not like to use a computer himself, he prided himself on being a technological innovator as well a a maker of unusual forms.
— Paul Goldberger, Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry
You don't work in the ice cream store if you don't like giving ice cream to kids.
— K*
— Edmund playing catch
Anticipatory grief.
— K*
I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road.
— Lil Nas X, "Old Town Road" via Peter
Wait, Ken, really?
— Emily during Secret H
After much deliberation I've decided not to wish my coworker a happy birthday.
— C*
Design is a set of relationships.
— Jason
I would like to be an ant.
— Sid
Well we all know what Benji would be up to at that time... He'd be making really skinny trumpets. As skinny as they go.
— Lily
There is a weird feeling of disappointment when you find something cool you already have.
— @montagueprojects