This thesis has interpreted typography and architecture as fields of dynamic organization systems which operate under a common set of parameters, while understanding that they exist independently of one another. Architects have the opportunity to build new spaces and structures, but the letterforms in our alphabet have been passed down, and typographic design reinvents these existing conditions based on a number of fundamentally architectural design concepts. Typography then becomes a process of managing a vast collection of parts in the same way that buildings are constructed frame space and facilitate programatic requirements. However, while many of their fundamental principles overlap, a literal synthesis of typography and architecture-making buildings from letters or letters from buildings-would only succeed in combining the most superficial characteristics of two design fields that should exist independently, but always be acutely aware of their deep-seated relationship.
— Charles Sneath, Typography and Architecture, 2009 Thesis No. 22808, Princeton University
Worry about others’ concerns, like pleasure on their account, needs regular renewal if it is not to fall away
— Kingsley Amis, “Dear Illusion”
That I’ll pretend to find.
— Grizzly Bear, “While You Wait for the Others”
He slips into spaces.
— Ian Darke, USA v. Portugal, 2014 FIFA World Cup
You’re going to be plaid by the end of the day.
— Austin
No I won’t be afraid.
— Burnt Toast, “Stand By Me”
On and on and on, on and on and on.
— Nat Baldwin, “Weights”
That was easy.
— Easy Button
Wait a minute. With the time change, I could be alive for six hours in New York, but dead three hours in Paris.
— Joe, Everyone Says I Love You
The detective only the critic.
— G. K. Chesterton, “The Blue Cross”
Back in Greece things moved because they had somewhere to go.
— Man 1, Science conversation in Brooklyn Bridge Park
Is not that strange?
— Benedick, “Much Ado About Nothing”
Track 1.
— Newark Penn
Now they know you’re supposed to shit 6 times a day.
— Seth Rogan, This Is The End
He’s my dog twin
— D-Ketch
And therefore he and I share this space.
— Robert Krulwich, “Things,” Radiolab
He knew, too, that soon all this would regain importance. But for now he felt strangely protected by a burning shield of fever and sleep.
— Primo Levi, “The Death of Marinese”
Does she like to cuddle?
— Grandpa
So I’ve always wanted to see an image, want it enough to buy it, and then hang it in my house and look at it every time I walk down the hallway and have my kids look at it. Then I would change them to more ridiculous images and I would constantly revolve the images I had, whether it be photographers, or Escher, or German Expressionist woodblocks, or anything that I thought would keep their mind moving. That’s why I collect and that’s why I show.
— Graham Nash, Wisdom (Andrew Zuckerman): Love
You poop more than any human being I’ve ever met.
— Matt Gwin