Hey Lily. Look at you!
— Mason
If the pound plummets does that mean we can go shopping there?
— Lily
Still broken.
— Murray’s Cheese Bar oven
A home run.
— Dr. OS
History and scope.
Horseradish Saint Luke.
— Underground
— Gremio, “The Taming of the Shrew”
You don’t know who the other person is going to turn into.
— Ken
How come we developed language in a different way than monkeys did.
— Rachel
I didn’t choose to be a hero…. If I had a choice I’d be a dog.
— Lily
Struggle on.
— Jason
“If one were to pick anyone up at random and study him intensely enough in all the ramifications of his life, we would get the whole story of man,” he wrote.
— Jill Lepore, Joe Gould’s Teeth
Gould wrote Davenport. “Their eminence was due, it seems to me, not as much to inherited ability as to inherited opportunity.”
— Jill Lepore, Joe Gould’s Teeth
I’m happy.
— Jack
Hi Paul.
— Woman unknown to Paul
Is that your account?
— Guy who saw me on the street
Undoing the work of God.
— Lily on taking one color out of the rainbow sprinkles
Everything bagel, egg, ham, cheese, plain.
— Lady from breakfast cart
What?… I just sit here sometimes.
— Jay