Do you get good sleep and don’t drink? It shows in your eyes.
— Photographer to me
Mastering of your
Anxiety and
Panic II
— book by David H. Barlow, Ph.D. & Michelle G. Craske, Ph.D. from Lily’s Grandma’s library
Nothing is certain.
— Peter on Amy and Jim breaking up
Chasing themselves.
— Ben Koger explaining how locusts are cannibals
Giving my eyeballs a break.
— Randy smoking outside
yr a hustler
— Jay in a text
Magnolia Bakery Chocolate Banana Pudding.
— Ideal Isle of White monthly birthday celebration food
Fleet Week.
— Lily pointing to some sailors in a restaurant
The tips of her fingers were all tiny. But the rest was like a big cloud.
— Lily on Carrie Komito
Looks like an orgy to me.
— Old lady in Westside Market checkout line on my 9am purchase of a container of Driscoll’s strawberries, an everything bagel, a tub of Edy’s ice cream, a container of tofu with scallions, and a Weight Watchers Smart Ones Peanut Butter Cup Sundae.
Don’t come asking for sugar. We’re all on a diet.
— Sheila quoting a funny quote from Ralph Lauren’s wife
What was something your dad taught you?
— Henry
I could use a sunrise today. Cuz I really had a sunset last night that stunk.
— Roseanne
Pick A Chicken
— Sid unintentionally making up a resutrant
For 60 days.
— Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros, “40 Day Dream”
These are quite transporting.
— David on the Hall of North American Mammals dioramas
A Virginia longways going up your biceps.
— Dillon
Did his dad die?
— J’s question about bed time book*
— Guy on Citi bike who started passing me but then I sped up and we had a brief race
I’m not going to space.
— Sid on quitting bike riding because he didn’t want to wear a helmet (and his wife wouldn’t let him ride without one)