Humility is their form of pride. It is their strength. It is their weakness.
— Francis Underwood, House of Cards
We are all split by contradictions.
— Esther da Costa Meyer
As for the rest of his fellow citizens, he is close to them, but he does not see them; he touches them, but he does not feel them; he exists only in himself and for himself alone; and if his kindred still remain to him, he may be said at any rate to have lost his country.
— Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America
The cowardly worship of the past.
— Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, “Futurist Architecture”
Yea. But what’s right? My happiness now? My happiness in the future? What would even bring about my happiness? It’s too complicated of a question to answer.
— Kristin Cotter
It’s not like my feet are stuck to the floor.
— Jack Peñate, “Pull My Heart Away”
Do you know what we just did? We just walked out of a grocery store without any groceries.
— Woman at 22nd and Market.
Like most things in a box, if you put food in it, it’ll chill out.
— Michael Smith
It’s harder to be yourself than it is to be anybody else.
— Andrew Jackson Jihad, “Big Bird”
This is probably a term you will never get to use in life.
— Lia Markey
The only question is whether these lookers back will be ourselves a few years hence or our remote descendants.
— Donald Griffin via Ethology
The atheist among the aristocrats, on the other hand, raises his hat when he passes a church.
— Adolf Loos, Ornament and Crime
Apparently the brain comes knowing how to see at birth, but can ‘forget.’
— Jame Gould, Ethology
We wonder.
— Band of Horses, “The Funeral”
Strong bold patterns covered objects made with simple, confident directness.
— Paul Greenhalgh, “Alternative Histories”
In fact there are no accidents in history.
— Esther da Costa Meyer
Because there’s no other way to play it.
— Randy Pausch, “The Last Lecture”
They seem tremendously proud of each other.
— Konrad Lorenz, King Solomon’s Ring
But she’s a stranger intruding on his territory.
— Hugh Falkus, Signals For Survival
The deepest problems of modern life flow from the attempt of the individual to maintain the independence and individuality of his existence against the sovereign powers of society, against the weight of the historical heritage and the external culture and technique of life.
— Georg Simmel, “The Metropolis and Mental Life”