Choose a record.
— Third Rail Projects performer, The Grand Paradise
Everyone always turns that way.
— X-ray technician on turning onto back when it should be belly
Jamie Dimon.
— Uncle Mike
Gear shift!
— Henry’s fake fist bump
Hell of a damn grave. Wish it were mine.
— Royal Tenenbaum, The Royal Tenenbaums
I remember when I was little, the first dream I had, I don’t think I was even asleep!
— Lily
Do you want it to be good, or do you want it to be yours?
— Tom Yates, “Chapter 48,” House Of Cards
Give me that money young man. I remember those glasses. You got me last time, you got me this time, I’ll get you next time.
— My favorite street book selling guy on 73rd and Broadway on negotiating
I like how you call it little poops.
— Ann on my ceramics term (adopted from Lily)
The great painter Van Dyck didn’t impress me nearly as much as that.
— Sid the Kid on people putting up a window display
Ferns ferns ferns
The loves of my life
— Michael Dickman, “John Clare,” Green Migraine
I’ve been trying to since day one.
— Trader Joe’s employee after I said we were leaving the store, not looking for the end of the line
You gotta have some paper man, that’s just the bottom line to it.
— Man on NJT
Nobody talks.
— Paul Buckley
He caught a lucky break.
— Jealous designer on John Gall’s instagram at #collageparty
The tourbillon, he said, “is a testament to our ability to celebrate, and indeed cherish, obsolescence as art.”
— Alex Williams, “Why a $15,950 Tourbillon Watch Is Considered a Steal,” The New York Times
REAL is my promise to you.
— Jacque Torres, Jacque Torres cookie bag
He has offered shifting reasons for his 10 years of silence. In his 2007 memoir, “My Grandfather’s Son,” he wrote that he had never asked questions in college or law school and that he had been intimidated by some of his fellow students.
— Adam Liptak, “Clarence Thomas Breaks 10 Years of Silence at Supreme Court,” The New York Times
Good luck.
— NYC ID employee to Lily and me as we waited to get our NYC ID
Do you think—what if they put chocolate chips in the sidewalk?
— Lily