When you think about someone, you're not perpetuating their memory, you're just thinking about them. If you put a name in a poem, you get some temporary relief, but no one is going to read the poem. So you've diluted yourself, which is what it's all about.
— Sid
Mr. Offit commissioned a detailed model of 40 Wall Street.
— David Enrich, "A Mar-a-Lago Weekend and an Act of God: Trump’s History With Deutsche Bank," The New York Times
Knock knock. (Who's there?) Owl is to. (Owl is to who?) As duck is to quack.
— Lily's bedtime knock knock joke
Why can't people be normal ******?
— Jamie at brunch
You got lucky.
— Houston Hall bartender on pretzel being ready right away
The Museum of Modern Art rejected a shoe drawing by Warhol that he had given to the museum.
— Jerry Saltz, "How to Be an Artist," New York Magazine
What's wrong with you coconut?
— Lily to me
After living here.
— Andy*
— CityMD Physician's Assistant
Out of sight out of mind.
— Sid
All those polka dots are from people.
— Lily on snowballs and ice chunks on frozen lakes and ponds in Central Park
Mario party.
— Dillon
Anne believed "an experience was not finished until it was written or shared in conversation."
— A. Scott Berg, Lindbergh
And thought of their old best dreams.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald via Lindbergh
We had to do it too. When she was in medical school she was down at NYU.
— Sid on long distance relationships
A man wanted to fly over his hometown and urinate on it. A wish Lindbergh granted.
— A. Scott Berg, Lindbergh
Creating relationships. That's the work. But all these little accolades help you start the conversation.
— Lily
It reproduces so well... It takes me further away from the real thing because it reproduces so well.
— K on why he doesn't buy Warhol postcards, etc (potentially paraphrased)*
A lot of chit chat in that performance.
— Lily
He singled out a photojournalist for The New York Times, Doug Mills, telling Mr. Kim that Mr. Mills was “one of the great photographers of the world.”
— Michael M. Grynbaum and Katie Rogers, "White House Bars 4 U.S. Journalists From Trump’s Dinner With Kim in Hanoi," The New York Times