Just so you know I’m a professional organizer.
— Woman who purchased http://www.s-t-o-r-e-d.com/all-items/metal-case-with-side-wheels-1
La Mancha Screwjob
Do you think a certain amount of fish are just lost and that’s how they die?
— Lily
As they prepared to return with another search warrant, Mr. Mondella excused himself to use the bathroom, where he stayed for a long time. When investigators tried to coax him out, he asked them to get his sister. “Take care of my kids,” he said. Then the gun went off.
— Vivian Yee, “At a Brooklyn Cherry Factory, a Suicide and an Illicit Discovery,” The New York Times
I notice all the ones with large wheels are sold out. What can this mean?
— kinnakeet, http://www.metafilter.com/147330/great-ideas-with-wheels
Sometimes I feel like a squirrel. A tall bald squirrel.
— Lily
Yeah, I’m sick as a dog.
— Royal Tenenbaum, The Royal Tenenbaums
The nebulous quantum essence of individual elementary particles is known to quickly dissipate in large ensembles of particles (a phenomenon often referred to as “decoherence”).
— Edward Frenkel, “The Reality of Quantum Weirdness,” The New York Times
I have no delusions about being any sort of a serious artist, let alone a great one. No delusions what so ever about that sort of thing… but I kind of like to sort of be one. I might say it gives you a sense of purpose but that sounds pretentious. We all like to feel useful.
— Mark Landis, Art And Craft
I shall no longer look at “NewsHour” every night.
— Oliver Sacks, “My Own Life,” The New York Times
And we were bound to the city life.
— Milky Chance, “Flashed Junk Mind - Live From Spotify Berlin / 2014”
He thinks that all books are poems. He’ll pull a cookbook and be like “Papa read poems.”
— Michael Dickman
My reception is on Thursday and I’ve spent a bunch of money on cheese.
— Chris St. John
I remember rocks you pick up outside that, once inside, you wonder why.
— Joe Brainard, I Remember
It’s like castration by wind.
— Injee
It’s just a bird, but holds toothbrushes.
— Lily
Mr. Carr collapsed in the Times newsroom, where he was found shortly before 9 p.m.
— Bruce Weber and Ashley Southall, "David Carr, Times Critic and Champion of Media, Dies at 58.“ The New York Times
The Office of Design and Construction conducted a survey over the summer that entailed identifying, mapping and photographing every single-occupant bathroom on campus, St. Mauro said.
— Corinne Lowe, “U. expands on gender-neutral bathroom plans,” The Daily Princetonian
I remember when I worked in an antique-junk shop and I sold everything cheaper than I was supposed to.
— Joe Brainard, I Remember