It came into my head because it's a natural human instinct to combine those two things.
— Lily on calling someone a "goose spider"
“I said, ‘Well, you did get to experience the artwork, because the exclusion of men is the artwork,’” Ms. Kaechele said.
— Natasha Frost, "A Museum’s Feminist Artwork Excluded Men. So One Man Took It to Court.," The New York Times
There used to be this meme page Dank Lloyd Wright that would post 50 posts a day about ants
sure grandma let's get you to bed
— @dank.lloyd.wright post captioned "Who remember"
Ladybug Years To Human Years
— Ladybug Age Calculator via @graayd
He later found "completely hysterical" his parents' decision to name all their children using the first letters of their alma mater, Kutztown Area High.
— Brad Gooch, Radiant: The Life and Line of Keith Haring
— Portion of epitaph on grave of Mrs. Catharine Drinkhouse Smith, Laurel Hill Cemetery
I'll give you bonus points if you find the Smurf.
— Philadelphia Museum of Art guard on Simon Sparrow's, “Assemblage with Faces”
A Rothko on the side of a racecar.
— Mr. Luce
Australian billionaire Clive Palmer plans to build an exact replica of the Titanic, aiming to set sail in 2027.
— @starworldlab
The mirrored bowl-shaped exterior of the Boijmans Depot in Rotterdam houses an M.C. Escher style interior that allows viewers to see all sides of the collection in clear vitrines and behind-the-scenes access to restoration and conservation projects!
— @tntechart
they didn’t know how old it was until it was opened! you can’t date a mollusk without opening it
the media made it seem like they chose to kill it after finding out,
but in actuality, it’s very likely restaurants have served older mollusks and scientists just weren’t around to date them
— @dannycoleee reply on @starworldlab, "In 2006, during a study, a group of scientists killed the world’s oldest known living animal. The animal, nicknamed Ming, was a mollusk and was 507 years old at the time of discovery."
So when the diners see it, they know someone spent a lot of time on their dish.
— Chef Terry, "Every Second Counts," The Bear
What that tells you is that through sensory input, we see a lot more information than we do through language, and that despite our intuition, most of what we learn and most of our knowledge is through our observation and interaction with the real world, not through language. Everything that we learn in the first few years of life, and certainly everything that animals learn has nothing to do with language.
— Yann Lecun, "Yann Lecun: Meta AI, Open Source, Limits of LLMs, AGI & the Future of AI | Lex Fridman Podcast #416"
I could look at these all day.
— Kid on "Life in the Soil" section of the "Hall of New York State Environment" exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History
Jonas Mekas' 2010 film WTC Haikus compiles found footage from Mekas' personal inventory in which the World Trade Center just happened to appear.
— Justin Beal, Sandfuture
But I'm still baffled that they never acknowledge that it's just regular money and it has a face value.
— Matt on selling items like "Lot of U.S. Coins"*
I wanted to consume the archive in one pass, to hold all the available information in my mind simultaneously.
— Justin Beal, Sandfuture
I don't even understand how this is real
This is the library at UMKC
800,000 volumes stored in a giant robot
the size of a building
— @soulellis
For at some point in our lives, if we live long enough, we begin to feel in a visceral fashion what we've always known intellectually to be true, our lifespans will not allow us to take in the whole story. Indeed there may be no whole story. Maybe there's no story at all.
— Maggie Nelson, On Freedom
In the crew’s photography training he learned that an off-kilter horizon looked wrong and was not pleasing to the eye. That presented a slight problem because Challenger was at a 28.5-degree inclination, so he “tilted the camera to put the horizon level in the pictures.”⁣
— @nasa caption on image of Astronaut McCandless II floating without tethers or umbilicals for the very first time