Snapshots lack photography’s coding as “art,” a coding which puts people on guard for manipulation.
— Matthew Allen, “Screenshot Aesthetic,” MOS Selected Works
Without lamps, there’d be no light.
— Bender, The Breakfast Club
It’s like the Central Park of America!
— Lily on Kansas
You know how it is.
— Ken on staying up doing a personal project
But she’s gonna grow up! Once I was two and a half.
— Almost seven year old speaking to father of two and a half year old on the subway
— Joe Scanlan
Trunk fish babies
— Lily’s Google Image search
I’m a cop.
— Frank Fitzpatrick (Rusty’s partner) responding with great comedic timing to Robert’s question (directed at Lily and me) of what we did
That’s hilarious.
— Maria Hassabi after I asked her to sign my museum program. David gave me the pen.
They wouldn’t imagine that we were still here in this building.
— Lily in the Hotel Belleclaire
Choose a record.
— Third Rail Projects performer, The Grand Paradise
Everyone always turns that way.
— X-ray technician on turning onto back when it should be belly
Jamie Dimon.
— Uncle Mike
Gear shift!
— Henry’s fake fist bump
Hell of a damn grave. Wish it were mine.
— Royal Tenenbaum, The Royal Tenenbaums
I remember when I was little, the first dream I had, I don’t think I was even asleep!
— Lily
Do you want it to be good, or do you want it to be yours?
— Tom Yates, “Chapter 48,” House Of Cards
Give me that money young man. I remember those glasses. You got me last time, you got me this time, I’ll get you next time.
— My favorite street book selling guy on 73rd and Broadway on negotiating
I like how you call it little poops.
— Ann on my ceramics term (adopted from Lily)
The great painter Van Dyck didn’t impress me nearly as much as that.
— Sid the Kid on people putting up a window display