Am I being too idealistic here?
— Lily on the phone with her dad
Too much time spent on nothin'
— “When I Grow Up,” First Aid Kit
It’s like a giant living room.
— Vicky on her Ford Expedition rental car
You know what’s so nice, you can make a banana any temperature you want.
— Lily on bananas
They must poop so well.
— Lily jealous of birds
I would scoop up all the snow and freeze it and once a week take out a clump of it and let it melt.
— Lily on what she would do if she owned a gallery in Chelsea
The Squirrel Hunter depicts an impeccably outfitted hunter and his prey, hiding at upper right. The pastime was popular around Pippin’s home in Pennsylvania, and the self-taught artist likely devised the image to attract well-heeled collectors keen for pictures of everyday life in Chester County.
— Museum label for “The Squirrel Hunter,” 1940 by Horace Pippin. American, 1888-1946.
Mary and I were good enough friends that we would bore each other.
— Ira Glass, “612: Ask a Grown-Up,” This American Life
Senator Franken if you want another minute, you can have a minute of mine… We live in an era where there is gonna be even more disintermediation of public discourse through media channels… the domain of shared facts is declining and it’s a really dangerous thing… and I worry about what comes next… But I think that people who’ve watched these hearings over the course of the last 3 days know that you should be confirmed, know that you will be confirmed, and know that comments like leader Pelosi’s that if you are an American who drinks water or breathes air they should be scared of you, that’s absurd, and my colleagues know that’s absurd. And there’s a really danger in not condemning that kind of reckless speech… There are some folks watching on C-Span and that’s wonderful…. But most people aren't watching these hearings, and most people are going to see some heading summary of what happened… When they see a final vote, if it isn’t overwhelming… and they have echoing in their ears the sounds of people saying…
— Sen. Ben Sasse
The most radical guarantee.
— Judge Gorsuch
Anyone could do that.
— Lily on me separating sprinkles into specific color groups
That’s why they call them bunk beds.
— Kid in “underground bunker!” tunnel connecting the two wings of the Botanical Garden’s greenhouse
What is lost on nonhunters, he said, is the sense of community that is part of hunting trips. “Too much of hunting has turned into the notion of the kill,” he said. “It’s a component, the meat. But so much is experiential, so much is relationships. It is sitting in a duck blind with seven people, cooking breakfast. For me, it’s been a great way to see the world. The least interesting part is the three seconds it takes to pull the trigger.”
— Laura M. Holson,“Donald Trump Jr. Is His Own Kind of Trump,” The New York Times
He’s got a six or seven pack.
— Sheila
Fashion Madness: Meet the player behind UNC’s custom-made fedoras
USA Today article title
Can you spare it?
— Woman on subway as I gave her $10
Don’t spit it back into the cup.
— Dental technician
O god I’m sorry… Screen’s bright… And the people in my dream don’t know what’s next.
— Lily half-asleep in the middle of the night
Even though I don’t keep in touch with you, I love you all.
— Dillon R, birthday speech