He hates overhead lighting.
— Holly Glass on Philip Glass, Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts
She’s from Texas.
— George W. Bush on Beyonce, Jimmy Kimmel Live!
The opposite.
— Rachel*
I’m waitin’ on what I'm waitin’ on.
— Man on the street
We’re not going to have a big mosh pit.
— President Trump, “Full Transcript: President Donald Trump’s Exclusive Interview with Breitbart News Network in Oval Office,” Breitbart
Time to get outta Dodge.
— Denise
Mr. Ritholtz says that the outcome of the financial crisis has been “socialism for the wealthy but capitalism for everybody else.”
— Christopher Caldwell, “What Does Steve Bannon Want?,” The New York Times
You Maltese, you go to China.
— Sid doing a comedy routine with Gia
I love how many collars he wears. Interesting look.
— Reince Priebus on Bannon at CPAC
That’s the worst Brusco.
— Real Estate Agent on our landlords.
Frank Gehry No Longer Allowed To Make Sandwiches For Grandkids
— Article title from The Onion
If the discrepancy is real, this could be a disruption of the current highly successful standard model of cosmology and just what the younger generation wants — a chance for big discoveries, new insights and breakthroughs.
— Michael S. Turner, “Cosmos Controversy: The Universe Is Expanding, but How Fast?,” The New York Times
If you’re not in a state of play you can’t make anything.
— Paula Scher, Abstract: The Art of Design
Human bean… Our lives have been torn apart. We will live in a hell like place without parents I said… The window was only half as pretty as the dozens of paintings surrounding it…
— Excerpts from a story Lily wrote at 9
Protects it from what?
— Marc Utay on pie crust protector
An architectural product that’s exportable.
— Phi’s goal (not verbatim)
Cheat Drawer.
— Judy and Nick
When you cook, cook with love.
— IT Alex
I’m a guy that know’s whats up. Lets have some more ginger ale!
— Sid holding bottle of red wine
you win the Nobel Prize for Penguinwear!
— email subject line (referring to my penguin in Sgt. Peppers suit)