Architects act as if their buildings were mainly images; they design the image. Even if their designs are built, they are handed down, as it were, to the occupants as a kind of used prop to inhabit. No architect has any deep interest in how his or her buildings are occupied.
— Beatriz Colomina, “Media as Modern Architecture”
Self discovery in something besides the self.
— Adam Welch
We are never one thing.
— Spyridon Papapetros
Science is the poetry of reality.
— Richard Dawkins, The Poetry of Science: Neil deGrasse Tyson & Richard Dawkins
The Ukrainian commander, Col. Sergei Starozhenko, 38, told reporters the unmarked troops had arrived about 5 a.m. and “they want to block the base.” He said he expected them to bring reinforcements and call for talks. Asked how many men he had at his command, he said simply, “Enough.” After 15 minutes of conversation with what appeared to be a Russian officer, he said, “There won’t be war,” and returned inside, while the standoff continued.
— Steven Erlanger, “Tug of War Over Ukraine Intensifies,” The New York Times
The purest of spring waters!
It means that a day will come where these galaxies that Hubble discovered will move away from us with such speed that they will disappear beyond our horizon and the total known universe at that time will only be the Milky Way, restoring the state of mind of our universe that existed before 1920. That’s a spooky time. We would have to hand down the annals of cosmology from previous centuries to hear about the galaxies that were once in night sky.
— Neil deGrasse Tyson, “Stephen Colbert Interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson at Montclair Kimberley Academy - 2010-Jan-29”
— Martha Himmelfarb
Nobody is marginal in themselves.
— AnneMarie Luijendijk
We have to stop thinking in absolutes.
— Girl in precept
And the Syrian Electronic Army, which American intelligence officials suspect is actually Iranian.
— David E. Sanger, “Syria War Stirs New U.S. Debate on Cyberattacks," The New York Times
But after two or three generations this interest fades.
— Walter Benjamin, “Little History of Photography”
The victim of what must have been one of the very first car accidents.
— James Salzman, Drinking Water: A History
Have doubts
The Magna Carta
And Pumpernickel
And The Little Dipper
— Byrd, “I Don’t Want Any More Seahorses”
Whatever it is, it’s temporary.
— Daniel Heyman
Nostalgia for authentic.
— Ryan Harper
Being a burden is OK.
— Eric Gregory
Give me insight into today and you may have the antique and future worlds.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The American Scholar”
If it’s old then it must be a church.
— Man on SEPTA
I’ll never see you again.
— A man at Trenton Transit Center