I’m a pro.
— Public Saftey Officer after completing metal puzzle
We're going to Philly.
— Gerry
If a star and its intervening lens are slightly out of line, the distant light can appear as arcs. If they are exactly lined up, the more distant star can appear as a halo known as an Einstein ring, or as evenly separated images — the Einstein Cross. Astronomers have learned how to use entire galaxies and galaxy clusters as telescopes to see fainter objects beyond them that would otherwise be lost in the fog of time.
— Dennis Overbye, “Astronomers Watch a Supernova and See Reruns," The New York Times
According to the nonpartisan Public Interest Declassification Board, a single intelligence agency is producing a petabyte of classified data every 18 months, or the equivalent of 20 million four-drawer file cabinets. The National Archives estimates that, without new technology to accelerate the process, that information would take two million employees a year to review for declassification. Instead, there are just 41 archivists working in College Park, Md., to review records from across the entire federal government — one page at a time.
— Matthew Connelly and Richard H. Immerman, “What Hillary Clinton’s Emails Really Reveal,” The New York Times
The goal would be to limit Iran’s capacity so that it would take at least a year to build a nuclear weapon should it choose to violate or break the agreement. In theory, that would give the West enough time to respond.
— “Netanyahu, in Speech to Congress, Criticizes ‘Bad Deal’ on Iran Nuclear Program,” The New York Times
Just so you know I’m a professional organizer.
— Woman who purchased http://www.s-t-o-r-e-d.com/all-items/metal-case-with-side-wheels-1
La Mancha Screwjob
Do you think a certain amount of fish are just lost and that’s how they die?
— Lily
As they prepared to return with another search warrant, Mr. Mondella excused himself to use the bathroom, where he stayed for a long time. When investigators tried to coax him out, he asked them to get his sister. “Take care of my kids,” he said. Then the gun went off.
— Vivian Yee, “At a Brooklyn Cherry Factory, a Suicide and an Illicit Discovery,” The New York Times
I notice all the ones with large wheels are sold out. What can this mean?
— kinnakeet, http://www.metafilter.com/147330/great-ideas-with-wheels
Sometimes I feel like a squirrel. A tall bald squirrel.
— Lily
Yeah, I’m sick as a dog.
— Royal Tenenbaum, The Royal Tenenbaums
The nebulous quantum essence of individual elementary particles is known to quickly dissipate in large ensembles of particles (a phenomenon often referred to as “decoherence”).
— Edward Frenkel, “The Reality of Quantum Weirdness,” The New York Times
I have no delusions about being any sort of a serious artist, let alone a great one. No delusions what so ever about that sort of thing… but I kind of like to sort of be one. I might say it gives you a sense of purpose but that sounds pretentious. We all like to feel useful.
— Mark Landis, Art And Craft
I shall no longer look at “NewsHour” every night.
— Oliver Sacks, “My Own Life,” The New York Times
And we were bound to the city life.
— Milky Chance, “Flashed Junk Mind - Live From Spotify Berlin / 2014”
He thinks that all books are poems. He’ll pull a cookbook and be like “Papa read poems.”
— Michael Dickman
My reception is on Thursday and I’ve spent a bunch of money on cheese.
— Chris St. John
I remember rocks you pick up outside that, once inside, you wonder why.
— Joe Brainard, I Remember