All those polka dots are from people.
— Lily on snowballs and ice chunks on frozen lakes and ponds in Central Park
Mario party.
— Dillon
Anne believed "an experience was not finished until it was written or shared in conversation."
— A. Scott Berg, Lindbergh
And thought of their old best dreams.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald via Lindbergh
We had to do it too. When she was in medical school she was down at NYU.
— Sid on long distance relationships
A man wanted to fly over his hometown and urinate on it. A wish Lindbergh granted.
— A. Scott Berg, Lindbergh
Creating relationships. That's the work. But all these little accolades help you start the conversation.
— Lily
It reproduces so well... It takes me further away from the real thing because it reproduces so well.
— K on why he doesn't buy Warhol postcards, etc (potentially paraphrased)*
A lot of chit chat in that performance.
— Lily
He singled out a photojournalist for The New York Times, Doug Mills, telling Mr. Kim that Mr. Mills was “one of the great photographers of the world.”
— Michael M. Grynbaum and Katie Rogers, "White House Bars 4 U.S. Journalists From Trump’s Dinner With Kim in Hanoi," The New York Times
I ask unanimous consent that we read into the record, or for the record, a tweet from... I have one more from...
— Rep. Mark Meadows reading contemporaneous tweets into the Congressional Record
Newspapers were often read outloud to a crowd by someone with a better education who could explain the difficult points.
— Jonathan Sperber, Karl Marx: A Nineteenth-Century Life
2888. Door 12. Is it left or right?
— Man on subway who found a small ziplock bag containing an unkonwn substance (the third time this month he has found one) writing down where he found it on a Starbucks napkin so he can give it to the police on 42nd St.
What a great elevator. It's faster than a company.
— Lily on elevator in her parent's building
I'm going to do what she's doing, only I'm going to write "I'm full."
— Lily on Shantell Martin's "ARE YOU YOU" / "YOU ARE YOU"
Yo! What's up puppy! You can't do that! Chase cats, not birds!
— Guy spooked by dog barking at pigeons he was feeding in Columbus Circle
I want it to be seamless.
— J on moving between full screen presentations using the multiple destops feature*
You make what you measure.
— Andrew Yang, "Joe Rogan Experience #1245 - Andrew Yang"
In Science, as in Sports, the Sidelines Matter
— Dennis Overbye, The New York Times
He's got my toes. Aren't they mine?
— Emily on Edumund