Jay do we have a red bandanna?
— Jason to Jay
“He works 10 hours a day and then does sports exercises,” said Jean Coisne, a European Space Agency spokesman.
“But he has a lot of free time too,” Mr. Coisne added. “After work he doesn’t need to take the Métro, or cook food in the kitchen.
— Milan Schreuter, “A Photo From Space Shows Belgium Shining Bright, and Social Media Lights Up,” The New York Times
That’s better than the alternative.
— Justin T on being busy
We'll watch a little Einstein.
— Sid on Genius
What are your goals if you don't mind me askin'.
— Henry
If you could open a museum with unlimited funding. What would it be?
— Kenny who once asked “What do you do to relax?”
Its a birthday dinner.
— Lily on teens next to us at Playa Betty’s
I never realized there were cars parked there.
— Lily on floors above Playa Betty’s
Bet you’re glad you didn’t go to art school.
— Helen
Hey Ben, meet MealPal.
— AJ
I sent them the Jackie Robinson photo.
— Sid on his response to MTA sending him a refund letter for a lost senior card
I can't wait for tomorrow. To do this all over again.
— Spencer on work
But here we are.
— Main lady at Steven’s memorial gathering
The nicest street.
— Lily
What do you do?
— Question I got asked twice at Stand Up NY
I knew this day would come.
— Jason*
I know you worked.
— Helen
I see snails but the shells are walnuts.
— Lily
At the very moment of stuckness, if you just stop and look around you, you’ll find the world is very real.
— Robert Pirsig, old NPR interview
Every day next year.
— Lily