And what no one seemed to recognize is this: looking is a form of passion if you look long and hard enough.
— Deborah Solomon, American Mirror: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell
Jonathan Monk’s Picture Postcard Posted from Post Box Pictured is our favourite mail art project and we’ve been fortunate enough to publish five with him: Dublin, Selva del Montello, Reykjavik, Tokyo & Winnipeg. Today we received a copy of Michael Wynne’s great version from Kirvin, Texas. A few other bootleg versions in our collection are Eric Doeringer’s from Los Angles (image 2) and one from an OCAD class project taught by Derek Sullivan in 2022 (image 3).
— @paul_and_wendy_projects
I work at a bookstore that has a warehouse and a few retail locations. Stock fluctuates so boxes are constantly coming to and from the warehouse and the stores. These boxes are used and reused again and again. The idea was, a drawing could travel to and from these locations and be seen by a group of people everyday. A small group of people. But a group of people nonetheless. It's theoretically similar to the way freight train graffiti works, but on a smaller, more insular scale. I would take pictures of these drawings on the way out. And then they leave. I drew them quick, so I could finish them without a manager seeing. But as seen in issue three they soon became more and more elaborate. If I did see them again I would mark them with the date. I don't see them often. That may be because I don't handle boxes as much as others do. People have told me they see them a lot. It seems like an obvious form of communication to me.
So few artists were able to survive over time and the number of illustrators was even smaller. It was chilling to contemplate how many ofthe brightest artistic reputations turned to dust.
— Deborah Solomon, American Mirror: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell
Nurse, Educator, Student of Aesthetic Realism, a Pioneer.
— Epitaph on grave of Richel Hildy Anne Clerkin, who died March 1, 2011
Tired of answering to Post editors, he wanted to do something major, to alter his fate.
— Deborah Solomon, American Mirror: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell
I'm going home.
— Sheila leaving the kitchen
The thrill of his work is that he was able to use a commercial form to thrash out his private obsessions, to turn a formula into an expressive personal genre.
— Deborah Solomon, American Mirror: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell
What I heard from everyone was a plea for context.
— Jim Moske, "Special Functions Lecture: Jim Moske on Deaths of Artists"
Actually, it wasn't just illustration but the old belief that art existed to tell stories that suddenly fell out of favor.
— Deborah Solomon, American Mirror: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell
It could also mean that hundreds of thousands of people in the United States alone could, if they chose, receive a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s before developing any symptoms of cognitive decline, although there currently are no treatments for people at that stage.
— Pam Belluck, "Study Suggests Genetics as a Cause, Not Just a Risk, for Some Alzheimer’s," The New York Times
You gotta tell me. Wait. The outfield. The grass. Is it spongy?
— Jimmy Fallon, Fever Pitch
It used to be thought that taping a coin across the navel would make an umbilical hernia close faster. It doesn't.
Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care
"On the plane a milestone happened" said Warhol "I was in The International Herald Tribune and I didn't even bother to clip the article. I just didn't care, so I've gotten to that point."
— Blake Gopnik, Warhol
Those who hate your son will do so whether we profit from it or not.
— Tom Hanks on "I Hate Elvis" pin, Elvis
Today, works associated with both Dubuffet's expanded art brut canon and Saint Alban's exchange economy are featured in international exhibitions and museum collections, and attract no shortage of buyers on the art market. The valuation of these works is not without controversy, though. Questions persist about the conditions of production of these works in hospitals, their artistic status, and their rightful ownershlp. The tension between Tosquelles's and Dubuffet's positions is embodied in current contemporary debates on these topics.
— "1945: Dubuffet & Art Brut from Saint-Alban" wall text from "Francesc Tosquelles: Avant-Garde Psychiatry and the Birth of Art Brut" at the American Folk Art Museum
Fresh scouting find: A group of 20 color snapshots capturing behind the scenes views of a McDonald's. Many dated 1982. $50 shipped to The USA. DM to inquire, see more, etc....
— @midwesternamericana
NYRA congradulates ETHAN BODNAR, who on February 28 became our 1,999th paid subscriber.
New York Review of Architecture
The worst thing I've ever had in my life was an olive from Olive Garden.
— Jonathan
Step right up and greet the Mets.
— "Meet The Mets (New York Mets Theme Song)"