You don't get to count the things that you havn't done that you thought of that were terrific.
— James Turrell, Charlie Rose
I love these hobbies you know.
— Sid on looking for people who are chewing gum
He has a little sentence in Art History.
— Uriel on Richard Minsky
Did you think they were pork chops?
— Lily, I did but they were lamb chops
Think of it as an italic press.
— Richard Minsky on The Washington Press not being perfectly parallel to the wall
Goods that are not shared are not goods.
— Fortune
You gotta love it because you need to be steeped in it every day.
— Lauren Panepinto, TDC Book Night
He paused, walked briskly back to his car and turned off its blaring siren.
— Catherine Porter and Megan Specia, "When Toronto Suspect Said ‘Kill Me,’ an Officer Put Away His Gun," The New York Times
Use that one for my obit.
— Sid on his drivers licence photo
Carol's not Carol.
— Mike Daly, "For Better or for Worse," 60 Minutes
I'm not at Liberty to say.
— Lily's joke about Newark Liberty International Airport
Oh! What happened to the floor?
— Lily at the start of a hill in Central Park
Fishing tackle, and golf balls.
— David McCullough, Truman
So he wrote numbers with a Sharpie on the hermit crab shells so he could keep track of them.
— Zoe Chace, "642: The Impossible Dream," This American Life
It was about time for somebody else to swim for the family.
— George Marshall, Truman
They don't slip it in on the matzah. Do they?
— Sid on sugar
It is fun to be in the same decade with you.
— Roosevelt to Churchill, Truman
Coffee beans from Yemen with cream from updstate New York and Pennsylvania.
— Paraphrased comment from audience member
Who's anxious to be right.
— David McCullough, Truman
Famished and sleep deprived. That's basically it.
— IT Alex