Referencing is really an obsessive compulsion for me
— Ian (potentially paraphrased)
— Title for list of how to watch The Complete Indiana Jones saga in chronological order, @connorratliff
It lacks the ability to question twenty-five years of its own reporting.
— Tim Weiner, Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA
Jennifer Coolidge Corner
— Trivia team name
Maddening that they killed 'Image Search'
& optimized it for shopping.
— @emily_elsie
Open Call: Portraits of Women With Their Weight In Dough
— @santina_amato via @4heads_nyc
Instead, the groups said, they simply believed in helping politicians indirectly — not by giving them money or buying them ads or mentioning their names, but by obliquely raising issues that could shift voters their way. To that end, the groups said, even fund-raising calls from “Frank Wallace” were part of their mission. Since they mentioned policing — a topic voters might care about — the calls were not a means to an end in the work of influencing elections. They were the work itself.
— David A. Fahrenthold and Tiff Fehr, "How to Raise $89 Million in Small Donations, and Make It Disappear," The New York Times
To combat the autocracy of both the classes and the masses.
— Preamble to the Constitution of The American Legion
Who wants to sit with that for so long to look at? It's really the whole package. It's not really image driven.
— Henry on Ed Ruscha News, Mews, Pews, Brews, Stews & Dues portfolio*
There's a scribe on board named Antonio Pigafetta, who was not part of the crew, but he kept very good records of what was going on. They come around the world and come back. He thinks it's Wednesday and everyone there thinks it's Tuesday. "I don't know what happened here," and it's just sitting there in his notebook. And it is laid bare. The discovery of the need for an international date line.
— Neil deGrasse Tyson, @startalk
— Advertisment on
Unfortunately we have completely run out of 70# uncoated text paper.
— Mixam
Now is the Past
— Title of book by Hai Hsin Huang via @metlibrary
Bill Hader Just Wants to Make Weird Things
— Interview title, The New Yorker
Price's argument that distriution rather than production was the primary way works accrued meaning.
— Brad Troemel, "the post internet report"
He had fallen into “the habit of assessing briefings by weight," said Dick Lehman, a senior CIA analyst for three decades and latterly the man who prepared the president's daily briefing. “He would heft them and decide, without reading them, whether or not to accept them."
— Tim Weiner, Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA
The landmark Memphis Pyramid touches tips with a Yield sign that is mounted on a slightly off-kilter vertical post. Along with the post’s shadow, the shadow of the photographer can be seen at the bottom right.
— Image caption, "Filmmaker Joel Coen Puts His Spin on the Photos of Lee Friedlander," The New York Times
John Trumbull
— Trivia answer I didn't know in "art and money" category, engraving of Trumbull's painting “Declaration of Independence” is on the back of the two dollar bill
On the present paradigm, what you can verify is what you get more of. If you can't verify, you can't ask the AI for it 'cause you can't train it to do things that you cannot verify. Now this is not an absolute law, but it's like the basic dilemma here.
— Eliezer Yudkowsky, "Eliezer Yudkowsky: Dangers of AI and the End of Human Civilization | Lex Fridman Podcast #368"
A part of him, he said, now regrets his life’s work. “I console myself with the normal excuse: If I hadn’t done it, somebody else would have,” Dr. Hinton said.
— Cade Metz, "‘The Godfather of A.I.’ Leaves Google and Warns of Danger Ahead," The New York Times