Easy liven’.
— Uriah Heep, “Easy Liven’”
That tumbled.
— The Rural Alberta Advantage, “Frank, AB”
— Phi
only a biochemical or two keeps me
from becoming the world’s biggest lightning bug.
— Dean Young, “Luciferin”
There are more closets than people.
— Current resident of the Falcon’s Nest
That was the first time I’d ever been put in front of the immensity of the world.
— T$
— Daniel Heyman
— Vivian
Coleslaw, two hotdogs, and a burger.
— Bill (architecture shop)
Do you know who would look good in there? And then they’d name somebody, you know?
Errol Morris ESPN Team Spirit Film
It is organized instead through the universe of terms that are felt to be in opposition within a cultural situation.
— Rosalind Krauss, “Sculpture in the Expanded Field”
But a bitch ain’t one.
— Jay-Z, “99 Problems”
That’s a big ass Tootsie Roll.
— Matt
And in my bag he put three things: some strange pill that helps prevent radiation sickness, a mask, and a cell phone.
— Decidophobe
There’s so much more in my locus of control than I think there is.
— Jen
Just exploring something about yourself that you didn’t even know existed.
— Nick
Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce.
— The Ragtime Gals, “Ignition (Remix)," Jimmy Fallon
Four out of five animals on Earth are nematode worms – if all solid materials except nematode worms were to be eliminated, you could still see the ghostly outline of most of it in nematode worms.
— E. O. Wilson, “My Wish: Build the Encyclopedia of Life, TED 2007
I could have been born in the body of a sponge.
— Lily