“A majority of the satellites in orbit will be SpaceX, if things go according to plan,” Mr. Musk said.
— Kenneth Chang, "SpaceX Launches 60 Starlink Internet Satellites Into Orbit," The New York Times
The 11s are actually really cool
— Kid next to us at Beer Komachi talking to his family about multiplying 11s
Pagodas are like house kebabs.
— Lily
but why?
it was her birthday, so
she liked to look her best.
— Miffy mug
You eat the plate, they never know.
— Lily on conveyor belt sushi
What state is, uh, New Orleans in?
— First thing Lily said upon waking up
Tiles, pots, bricks and toilets are popularly known as ceramics. Most of People are not aware of new class of modern or techical ceramics such as Nasa's Spacecraft, engine components, artificial bones and even pencil lead.
— Museum store item copy
If I were a photographer, that would be my thing, meetings.
— Lily on staff meetings
The shiny stainless steel sculpture was purcahsed by Robert E. Mnuchin, the father of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.
New York Times bullet point
Not the way I would take.
— Lily on plane going north
I have a question. Why cash back?
— Cashier at Primo! Cappucino in Penn Station asking about my credit card choices
— Alexander Tochilovsky
Specificity makes him laugh.
— Lily after saying "slop feed"
See, nobody cares.
— Dennis Nedry, Jurassic Park, via @braininthefrontseat meme
Just as it is a duty to the fancy that the dog fancier subscribe to one or more good dog magazines, so also it is his duty that he purchase books about his breed. Unless enough books can be sold to render a profit to the author and the publisher, no future dog books will be available.
— "Necessity For Dog Books," in a dog book at the The American Kennel Club Library and Archive
You are a bumble bee with too many legs.
— Lily
And though his own values and imagination shaped the books he made, his choice to make those kind of books in the first place turns out in part to have been a response to the new market for them.
— Adam Gopnik, "‘The Cat in the Hat’ and the Man Who Made That," The New York Times
Pat was commissioned in the U.S. Air Force and served in Korea, France, and Germany.
— Obituary, Perry "Pat" Arthur Thayer, Jr.
If a reader can visualize them for himself, then he may be able to understand things without the writer having to explain them.
— Robert A. Caro, Working
Kennan's sense of having been exculded as a young man, Arthur Schlesinger speculated, had left him with a love of ritual as an older man: "He believes strongy that the ceremonies of life are important. It's an enduring, interesting characteristic."
John Lewis Gaddis, George F. Kennan: An American Life