Don’t come asking for sugar. We’re all on a diet.
— Sheila quoting a funny quote from Ralph Lauren’s wife
What was something your dad taught you?
— Henry
I could use a sunrise today. Cuz I really had a sunset last night that stunk.
— Roseanne
Pick A Chicken
— Sid unintentionally making up a resutrant
For 60 days.
— Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros, “40 Day Dream”
These are quite transporting.
— David on the Hall of North American Mammals dioramas
A Virginia longways going up your biceps.
— Dillon
Did his dad die?
— J’s question about bed time book*
— Guy on Citi bike who started passing me but then I sped up and we had a brief race
I’m not going to space.
— Sid on quitting bike riding because he didn’t want to wear a helmet (and his wife wouldn’t let him ride without one)
I don’t know if you know this Ben, but they are just book covers.
— Rob on me staying late
When TV Logos Were Physical Objects
— Colossal article Spencer sent me
It looks just like the other one.
— Lily on my inescapable initial rip-off
I built that with my dad.
— Mom on shed
Jay do we have a red bandanna?
— Jason to Jay
“He works 10 hours a day and then does sports exercises,” said Jean Coisne, a European Space Agency spokesman.
“But he has a lot of free time too,” Mr. Coisne added. “After work he doesn’t need to take the Métro, or cook food in the kitchen.
— Milan Schreuter, “A Photo From Space Shows Belgium Shining Bright, and Social Media Lights Up,” The New York Times
That’s better than the alternative.
— Justin T on being busy
We'll watch a little Einstein.
— Sid on Genius
What are your goals if you don't mind me askin'.
— Henry
If you could open a museum with unlimited funding. What would it be?
— Kenny who once asked “What do you do to relax?”