The term skeuomorph (pronounced skyoo-uh-morf) refers to an element in an object’s design that’s no longer functionally necessary but has been retained anyway for ornamental purposes.
— Lev Grossman, “Flatland: Should the virtual world try to look like the real one?,” TIME: June 3, 2013
The book I remember most clearly was A Wrinkle in Time.
— Dan Brown, TIME: May 27, 2013
I just washed my hands
Then I went for my dinner.
— The Proclaimers, “Over And Done With”
Why would you do that?
— Joss Whedon, “How Shakespeare Saved ‘Avengers,’ The New York Times
It doesn’t preclude a love of things and design.
— Liz Diller
And what’ll you do now, my blue-eyed son?
— Bob Dylan, “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall”
Open the kingdom.
— Philip Glass Ensemble, “Open The Kingdom (Liquid Days, Part II)”
The most bizarre thing I think I’ve ever seen.
— Zach Sobiech, “My Last Days”
She got sunset on her breath now.
— Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Came out by the same door where in I went.
— Edward FitzGerald, The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám
Well, its still a hell of a quote.
— James T. Kirk, Star Trek Into Darkness
It’s a hell of a thing, ain’t it. Hell of a thing.
— Mud, Mud
Keep learning the salsa.
— Jorge
— Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, “Cant Hold Us - feat. Ray Dalton”
Over the rope.
— Kristin
I gave my oopsy, daisy, now you’ve got the crazy.
Crazy with the books, googley-goo where’s the gravy.
So one two, unbuckle my, um shoe.
Yabba doo, hippity-hoo, crack a brew.
— Das EFX, “The Want EFX”
I’d rather have my honeycomb.
— Das EFX, “The Want EFX”
I’ve been worryin’ that I’m losing.
— Ben Howard, “The Fear”
You can’t walk now.
— person in car
We MaDalmini Uph'umqomboth.
— Umqombothi