A chief’s knife set.
— Steve
George Washington Bridge
There she blows!
— Jamo on opening a jar of pickles
It’s like Europe you know? It’s like an esophagus. Oh! Someone had leaves for breakfast you know?
— Lily on an alleyway
Luckily, he didn’t take her too seriously. He replied, with a smile, that for him theater was sacred, even in its moved debased forms.
— César Aira, “The Musical Brain,” The Musical Brain
On the stand he looks kind of like George Stephanopoulos, except tired and fearful.
— Sarah Koenig, “Route Talk,” Serial
Oh sweet! It’s like a sit in shower.
— Matt on baths
I did not know that I feel uncommon.
— Delaney on common knowledge
Look good, feel good. That’s like a thing, everybody does that.
— Matt
I feel like peanut butter is the Cholula of breakfast.
— Anna
Oh my god! I’ve had this in a Japanese hospital!
— Matt on corn-water
I'm spewin’ sweet wisdom.
— Joe
Thin pretzel sticks.
— Studio 34
Saved from blatant absurdity by the hefty weight of precedent.
— César Aira, “God’s Tea Party,” The Musical Brain
— Rick Curtis
That will be readable to…
— Christine Boyer
I think you chose the wrong bouncer.
— John Hunter
One free car wash.
— Coupon
Interesting: The People he met were no longer able to make a living with their crafts; they presented the ancient techniques mostly as ritual. http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/articles/35965/pine-of-the-times
— Old note
I had assumed, as anyone in my place might have done, that a dog being first and foremost a dog, its individuality would be reabsorbed by the species and finally disappear.
— César Aira, “The Dog,” The Musical Brain