To get hydrated.
— Why LTC plays Thumper
Your legs are Orville and Wilbur Wright.
— Matt Gwin’s character suggestion for Lobster Club improv skit
Frenchie Toast!
— Lilah
Look at my experimenter’s cove, got a peach pit, a little microscope, a little tooth mirror, ummm… nail clippers, and a Rubik’s cube.
— Lily on her side table
It’s good to give birth so you have people at your funeral.
— Lily
You can't believe how impossibly fast it goes by.
— Camille, Season 6, Episode 10, Parenthood
Don’t be scared… You’re just a species that has to be brave you know.
— Lily to the last baby blue jay left in the nest who is hesitant to leave
If she only knew, he’s already damned by God.
— Lily on a woman who said “salud” after I sneezed once but I had already been sneezing nonstop all day
In early 1917, when I was a sophomore at Harvard College, I signed up to serve in the ambulance service in France. World War I had been going on since 1914 but the United States was not then a participant.
— R. McAllister Lloyd, A Message To Descendants: Letters from France in 1917
Another fun filled day! I mean who has it better than us? I guess the rich and famous… But then again, they have their own problems. Better to be poor and happy! Alright what’s next on my agenda?
— Randy
Is it baggable?
— Jynne
It’s nice.
— Bookbinding teacher on having her own studio in her home
What’s it called? Mothball vision?… O! Fisheye!
— Lily
Stamps with palm trees.
— What the guy who sells stamps at Sunday’s flea market collects
What does it mean to you to have a savior?
— Sister Standage on our Mormon Art Tour
We did it!
— Repeated shout of child playing in the office
You still did this, which is awesome.
— Henry
You hope that’s all you have to do.
— Helen on making subtitle bigger
— Darren Haggar
Best chemistry of anyone I’ve ever known.
— Sid