Kennan's sense of having been exculded as a young man, Arthur Schlesinger speculated, had left him with a love of ritual as an older man: "He believes strongy that the ceremonies of life are important. It's an enduring, interesting characteristic."
John Lewis Gaddis, George F. Kennan: An American Life
Tree rings.
— Akshay
“You don’t say ‘We can win if only we have your support.’ What you say is ‘We’ve already won,’” Mr. Singh said. “By making it seem like you’ve already succeeded, you get the support necessary to succeed.”
— Max Fisher, "What Makes a Coup Succeed? Confidence, Consensus and a Sense of Inevitability," The New York Times
I wanna see the website... The website is going to fix the machine.
— Armando sarcastically after answering a call from a potential client, later he said "I'm telling you all this becomes life comes fast"
Facism is not good. I mean I have the talking points.
— Z on talking to punk poets*
Salty fish as lock of cabinent handles.
— Shutterstock
MTA is Selling a Used Trash Can for $375 as a 'Collectible'
— News ticker headline on cab TV
"Oh, I'm never going to complete them," Kennan replied, a bit too casually for Link, who devoted his entire career to Wilson's life and papers. "Well, why did you write them?" "I wrote them to establish my credentials as a historian."
— John Lewis Gaddis, George F. Kennan: An American Life
Thank you for closing the window. Nobody thinks of that.
— Cab driver
Yea, I'm not as into geopolitics as you would think I would be.
— Lily*
I'm very good at listening to people that are good at things.
— Joe Rogan, "Joe Rogan Experience #1283 - Russell Brand"
Ladies and gentlemen, there is no mistake on the lake anymore.
— News announcer, "The Doomed Cleveland Balloonfest of '86"
There are a lot of hands in this world.
— Lily countering Sid's point that something is valuable because it is handmade
With no constraints he tended to ramble.
— John Lewis Gaddis, George F. Kennan: An American Life
Wow Connor, someone just let out a shriek for you.
— ASSSSCAT improviser to Connor Ratliff
I had a weird dream. First of all, it was an apartment without walls, so we had to make metaphorical walls by narrating everything we did.
— Lily
Survival of the fastest.
— Sid grabbing a plate to get the first piece of cake
They said that putting it on public view was part of a strategy to sell the specimen to a rich investor. “Mr. Detrich has tried to capitalize on the museum’s good faith by using the exhibition and scientific attention as selling points” on eBay, the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology said in a letter last week.
— Laura M. Holson, "He Listed a T. Rex Fossil on eBay for $2.95 Million. Scientists Weren’t Thrilled," The New York Times
We turn these pumpkins into Cinderellas overnight.
— Hank, "Season 2 Episode 3," Barry
We have to have our wits about us.
— Lily on us needing to eat something before we tour an apartment