Cheddar, Smoked Gouda, Monterrey Jack CHeese Baked Macaroni*
— Prospect House menu
Those are the most calm bees I’ve ever seen.
— Dave
This confronted us with a serious problem: whether or not we provided explanations, people would look for them anyway.
— César Aira, “Athena Magazine,” The Musical Brain
You know what I mean?
— Michael Dickman
Scorpio was her favorite book.
— Tom Yates, House of Cards
Born Sale 20% off.
— Shoe store on Nassau St.
Don’t try to be original, just try to be good.
— Paul Rand
I really wish that I had just grabbed any random Lorraine.
— David
I want to contribute but I don’t want it to be about me.
— Margaret
Productively foreign but in an understood category.
— David Reinfurt
Its transformation from a commercial product for a general public (that is, for the public, period) to cult object for an enlightened elite.
— César Aira, “A Brick Wall,” The Musical Brain
It now has a gold-leaf exterior, applied by artisans trained in the ancient technique of rubbing small squares of gold into a surface.
— “A New Home for the Prada Foundation,” The New York Times
The time that I spend is my time.
— April Lee
That’s a laundromat.
— Lily
Aspen is the Disneyland of environment and design. We are speaking here about universal therapy, about apocalypse in a magic ambiance.
— The French Group, “The Environmental Witch-Hunt,” 1970