As Story observed, "What is the grave to Us, but a thin barrier dividing Time from Eternity."
— Melissa Banta, The Art of Commemoration and America's First Rural Cemetery
My ideal audience is often like my brother or my dad, who like, these are people who will not go to an art museum if it costs one dollar, but if you show them a piece of art that they like, they will respond to it.
— Brian McMullen
The living thing and the outside world are interdependent. Life could not, in Just's mind, be "only a struggle against the surroundings from which life came,"... Kropotkin's theory, with its concept of harmony, was in Just's view preferable to Darwin's idea of the struggle for existence.
— Kenneth R. Manning, Black Apollo of Science: The Life of Ernest Everett Just
The refusal of Democrats and Republicans to cooperate with one another is not due to some mysterious force beyond our control.
It’s a decision. It’s a choice we make.
— Joe Biden, President-Elect Acceptance Speech
"He's a very nice boy," a woman in East Dedham said of Lodge. "Very friendly. You'd never know he's running for anything." ... contrasted with Ted Kennedy... who never let anyone doubt he was running for something.
— Neal Gabler, Catching the Wind: Edward Kennedy and the Liberal Hour
He called Ted to tell him that 45 minutes was too long. If Jack could give the State of the Union address in twenty-three minutes, Ted could describe his African experience in twenty-five.
— Neal Gabler, Catching the Wind: Edward Kennedy and the Liberal Hour
Green Bay's absentee ballot results are delayed becasue one of the vote-counting machines ran out of in. An election official had to return to City Hall to get more.
— Reid Epstein, The New York Times
If you think of it, the companies are competing for our attention, if they find out that each of us becoming a celebrity and having a million people we get to reach, if that’s the currency of the thing that gets us to come back to get more attention, then they’re competing at who can give us that biggest fame lottery hit faster.
— Tristan Harris, "Joe Rogan Experience #1558 - Tristan Harris"
Watching surgery today feels like going to the opera.
— Lily in a text
I can see no rat race from here.
— David on Whitcomb Summit
O yea its halloween
Should I put out earplugs for the children
— Lily in a text
People don't joke about things that aren't true.
— David
"That because you've couched your intention in a joke, that you can disavow it when people come asking."
"That's right. That's exactly right. So you create this ambiguity so there's no way for you to mean what you really mean ever."
Feels Good Man
I think they're diamonds.
— David (paraphrased) on what was causing optical illustion on building balconies
I can't get a drink in Harlan County
I can't get a drink and I don't know why
— Loudon Wainwright III, "Harlan County"
You go in so young, that's where you get your beliefs.
— Head mover, a former Army Ranger, (paraphrased) when I asked if he had any beliefs that had changed before vs after his military experience
Turned one of our sons into the chess girl cus his chess skills were already high
— Lily in a text on The Sims after watching The Queen's Gambit
At this time, we cut the people's meat for them so much, that we do too much of the audience's work.
— Dave Chappelle, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction
I wouldn't have it any other way.
— Bill Murray responding to "It must be nice to be you," On the Rocks
Genius is probably everywhere but the problem is how to self promote.
— David paraphrasing Max Stirner