Art is for itself but can have effects that produce certain changes.
— Edgar Arceneaux
Influence assumes power.
— Debora Silverman
The seven sections of the thesis do not obey any rigorous principe of classification, and the similarities between the architectural skins discussed and their natural counterparts are sometimes implied.
— Clara Wong, The Seven Skins of Architecture
You’re fun.
— Older Jewish lady at Interstellar
Christmas time is here.
A Charlie Brown Christmas
I forgot to ask, what’s your name?
— Reading Room lady
Corporation that sells empty vessels.
— Martha
You should not be ashamed to have large typography.
— Lucia
The song wants to survive.
— Michael Gordin
— Airport Security
These restaurants bring joy to the world.
— Justin
We don’t want a repeat of all this academic tourism.
— Mario
Don’t make Mario break out his glow-sticks.
— Justin
Life’s too short to look straight ahead.
— Jesse
Maybe I do have a photographic memory I just don’t read enough.
— Jesse
I like the graffiti, but what I don’t like is the disrespect for these natural materials.
— Nick
São Paulo is modernity.
— Bilboard at GRU
Have we a record of omniscience?
— Robert S. McNamara, The Fog of War
Delta Si has the upper hand!
— Mac Radner, Neighbors