A digital system can be basic or highly complex, but it is systematic and traceable. What makes textiles analogue is our relationship with them, the way we interact with them, wear them out, imbue ourselves into them. Yet once out of use they can be unravelled; each strand or row once again can be counted.
— Elaine Igoe, "Where Surface Meets Depth: Virtuality in Textile and Material Design," Surface and Apparation
It was he who coined the idea of the title as a conversational gambit or handle, an idea promoted by Magritte himself in "Lifeline." According to Nouge, the title "protects" the painting, preventing it from falling into bad ways, or being dismissed as a joke, or a matter of little consequence.
— Alex Danchev, Magritte
There are actually two real people in the library because they willed themselves to the collection.
— Jamie*
Dogs work for treats.
— Elliot*
(see oversize section)
— Gold foil stamping on spine of hardcover bound blank wide ruled composition notebook
By pursuing his “unusual hobby” of filing as many as 10,000 Freedom of Information requests about extremist groups, he proved invaluable to historians and journalists.
— Subheadline, Sam Roberts, "Ernie Lazar, Who Trawled for Secret Government Documents, Dies at 77," The New York Times
An artifact like a basket is neither made nor grown.
— Felicita Devlin and Elizabeth Meiklejohn, "Prototyping Textile Behavior" talk
I've identified 185 communities in the province of British Columbia that have welcome signs.
And in this thread, I'm going to rank every single one.
— @j_mcelroy
I know this stamp.
— Guy looking through Stamp Compositions*
Is my Mom. Weird, right? Not sure if you ever wondered what the story was behind the clay bust, but here it goes:
— E.Macmillan (Laurie's 2nd daughter), text pinned on fence of a Fenway Victory Garden plot
Is it important that these are made from people?
— Person asking about 6,000 Dandelions
Buying the celing tile in walmart
— TikTok via Lian and Colin
In 2015, Maine passed legislation that removed most censorship from their vanity plate program. Plates like GETFUKT are now allowed.
— @depthsofwikipedia via @lianreay
Goudy himself described it as being a straightforward and simple design, lacking any freakish qualities.
— "A NOTE ON THE TYPE" for Scrippts College Oldstyle via @no_goodny
This bounty enabled Nougé to acquire three of his favorite works... works that his own writings helped to make famous.
— Alex Danchev, Magritte
Caution: To avoid damage to the printer hard drive and to prevent a printer malfunction:
— Xerox® PrimeLinkTM C9065/C9070 Printer User Guide
And of course we'd talked about the famous story of the Dutch painter Frans Hals, who, after having a meal at an inn, shouted " I've left the money on the table" as he was leaving. And the innkeeper thanked him, since he saw on the table the gold Louis that Frans Hals had painted.
— Charles Alexandre via Alex Danchev, Magritte
Jersey Devil
— Two ordered by MD from Small World Coffee (fried free-range egg, pork roll, cabot cheddar, chipotle, and pickled jalapeno on a toasted english muffin with garlic butter)*
Everything we see hides another thing.
— Magritte via Alex Danchev, Magritte
I always concentrated on the individual photographs & each image's specific aesthetic properties. ROOKIE MISTAKE
— @emily_elsie (part of larger Instagram story series on Berenice Abbott)