Forgive no error you recognize,
it will repeat itself, increase,
and afterwards our pupils
will not forgive in us what we forgave.
— Yevtushenko, “Lies”
I’m an albatross.
— John Hunter
I got sources to juggle.
— Kristin
And the man is not hurt exactly, he understands.
— Robert Hass, “Privilege of Being”
And in the facility for stopping to enjoy the present that is, to catch a fleeting reason to be alive and to have kept it a few seconds, and after it has been unearthed from the circumstances surrounding it to bring into the world of man the simplest things, to see the human spirit take possession of them, to create a new world where man and things can exist in harmony, that is my aim.
— Jean-Luc Godard, Two or Three Things I Know About Her
That we do not discover reality but rather invent it is quite shocking for many people.
— Paul Watzlawick, “On the Nonsense of Sense and the Sense of Nonsense”
Life itself is actually deeply asymmetric.
— Robert Krulwich, “Desperately Seeking Symmetry,” Radiolab
Where links between an individual and the state are weakened, moral responsibility will be diminished.
— Jeremy Moss, Climate Justice
This thing’s built like a brick outhouse!
— John Hunter
Sun would go down as they rode into town.
— Mulberry Soul, “Lincoln Town”
When it is raining in Oxford Street, the architecture is no more important than the rain.
— Peter Cook, Living Arts 2
There’s no point in having an intolerant one, it doesn’t really do any good.
— Julia Wise
— Pistachio
Here. And here. And everywhere.
— Neil deGrasse Tyson, The Dark Universe
Probably it would be truer, though not much more comforting, to say that they subscribe to the basic heresy that whatever exists has artistic significance. It is a heresy which expresses itself in various ways; like every menacing heresy it contains a grain of truth, but it seems to me just as much a killer for all art above a nursery level, for all architecture above the shed.
— Opinion, “Thoughts in progress: The New Brutalism,” Architectural Design 27
As has become de rigueur for such occasions, the scientists took pride and hope in how clearly they did not see anything.
— Dennis Overbye, “Dark Matter Experiment Has Detected Nothing, Researchers Say Proudly," The New York Times
Stuck is stuck.
If we merely believe, but do not understand, why killing adult human beings such as ourselves is wrong, how could we conceivably show that abortion is either immoral or permissible?
— Don Marquis, “Why Abortion is Immoral”
My whole life is printed books like that.
— Guy at PHL restaurant
You’re welcome.
— Neil Ronk, Historian at Christ Church