Gap brain. Gap toes. Gap music. Gap food. Gap building. Gap town. Gap egg.
— Lily after seeing Gap Body
At the time, I believed that shyness was very important, but now I know that shyness is one of the evils one must try to overcome, that in reality to be shy doesn’t matter—it is like so many other things to which one gives an exaggerated importance.
— Jorge Luis Borges, “Blindness,” Selected Non-Fictions
In fact, the form of the work of art gains its aesthetic validity precisely in proportion to the number of different perspectives from which it can be viewed and understood. These give it a wealth of different resonances and echoes without impairing its original essence.
— Umberto Eco, The Open Work
— Dad
A heist master.
— Lily
It's enough.
— Uriel Cidor on his small design decisions
It helps to have a sense of drama in this.
— Stephen K. Bannon, "The Daily," The New York Times
Western tradition is top heavy.
— Shanna Yarbrough
New York is full of rich people, money, and wine. You just have to learn how to not take too much or you'll get shut down.
— Ottessa Moshfegh, McGlue
When I say shoot, pass.
— Sid on title of story
Well tell me Scott, how does it feel like not having melodies popping into your head?
— Alma Deutscher to Scott Pelley, “Alma Deutscher,” 60 Minutes
Making things appealing to other things.
— Uriel Cidor on making books look good to fit in with other books on a shelf, presents it as a high or pure or absurd goal
I'm really enjoying life.
— 89 year old man who stopped to talk to Lily and me as we ate our Sweetgreen’s on the stoop of 15 E 62nd St.
It's not even that good.
— Lily on a paperweight at The Met, New England Glass Company (1818-88), East Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1850-80, Glass, Friends of the American Wing Fund, 1983, 1983.506.1
Like a marshmallow stuck under the rug.
— Lily on my chest hair
The hundredth is as fresh, as absurd, and as thought provoking as the first…. big time publisher…. big time cuttlefish…. poetry bag… grocery bag…
— Oliver Sacks on mishearings, “Oliver Sacks: A Journey From Where to Where,” Radiolab
Ryan has, however, found comfort in torturing Boehner: The speaker inherited his predecessor’s security detail, and whereas Boehner demanded they be freshly shaven every day, Ryan let them grow unruly beards—pictures of which are often texted to their former boss, code name “Tan Man.”
— Tim Alberta, “John Boehner Unchained,” POLITICO via “Drunk John Boehner Unloads on Conservatives, Lets Slip Private Conversations with George W. Bush About Paul Ryan’s Incapabilities,” Breitbart
— price of Nose Peak
These are my two hookers.
— Mason on the two hooks on either side of a small bungee cord
Hey, let’s laugh.
— Mason