Not that documentation has not great dignity and value; it has; and as good 'poetry' can be extracted from it as from living itself: but the documentation is not of itself either poetry or music and it is not, of itself, of any value equivalent to theirs. So that, if you share the naturalist's regard for the 'real,' but have this regard for it on a plane which your mind brings it level in value at least to music and poetry, which in turn you value as highly as anything on earth, it is important that your representation of 'reality' does not sag into, or become one with, naturalism; and in so far as it does, you have sinned.
— James Agee, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
Suggesting that prosecutors had inadvertently pasted text from a similar court filing into the wrong document and then filed it.
— Charlie Savage, Adam Goldman and Michael S. Schmidt, "Assange Is Secretly Charged in U.S., Prosecutors Mistakenly Reveal," The New York Times
No composite images.
— Slide*
Last year I was 23 and this year I turned 73. 50 years, just gone in a minute.
— Customer to bank teller at 75th and Lex
Back to the future?... Another day at the office... Heigh ho heigh ho back to work I go... This was the summer I never went swimming. We had 15 weekends and it always rained. I call it the summer that never was... It's a good day for a bottle of wine a basket of fruit and stay in bed.
— Oyster Rides taxi driver on way back from Coral after printing McGlue
That's what art is. Peanut butter and jelly. You just gotta mix up the bread. Put it on rice cakes, it's art! Put it on saltines, it's art!
— Lily
Andy Warhold sucks. Lets go.
— Person in the Whitney Shop
I just came into some big seed money.
— Lily using words from Succession but referring to bird seed
His bodyguards proposed using dynamite to silence the frogs, which were croaking away happily in a reedy pond. The plan was not carried out, because it was assumed that Mao's stay at Xibaipo was going to be short.
— Jung Chang and Jon Halliday, Mao: The Unknown Story
We are down to 3 books left…
— Lauri
There's pros. And I wanna be one of em.
— Ray, Mid90s
“Instead of being headquartered in one place and moving to a second headquarters, Amazon is going to be, and be thought of as, everywhere.... The word ‘headquarters’ is a nontechnical, nonlegal term, but it plays well in the press to talk like this,” Mr. O’Kelley said.
— David Streitfeld, "Was Amazon’s Headquarters Contest a Bait-and-Switch? Critics Say Yes," The New York Times
They probably have so many fences.
— Lily on National Rent-A-Fence*
Mao introduced a special "Social Relationship" form: "Tell everyone to write down every single social relationship of any kind [our italics]."
— Jung Chang and Jon Halliday, Mao: The Unknown Story
And if you don't ask you don't get.
— Henry
It's very convinient to have a tap in the apartment
— Kelly*
Nice forms, but give me some content!
— Henry on Yama-pro Tani-ori by Tomoko Yamashita
Knowing the labor that went into it, if the idea can’t hold up the effort.
— Martha
Gotta catch a nap while it's hot.
— Lily in a text
Your menus would go on into the menu collection, and your name would be stripped from them, and you wouldn't live on into the future.
— Thomas the librarian in NYPL's Manuscripts, Archives, and Rare Books Room