By declaring that mere markers, the product of imagination alone, would be the medium of exchange and store of value.
— T. J. Stiles, The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt
— Samir Mezrahi, "Tips From a Memelord," The New York Times Magazine
I only read it if it's along the edge, it's easier for my eyes to get to.
— Lily on paragraphs
American Laundry News was really good
— Dillon
It's all just gravy.
— Jason
To come here and try to continue to be who you were doesn't make any sense.
— S*
Well you won their hearts.
— SK*
And methodically became one himself.
— T. J. Stiles, The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt
We should not forget that it will be just as important to our descendants to be prosperous in their time as it is to us to be prosperous in our time.
— Theodore Roosevelt via Edmund Morris, Theodore Rex
I can see you like to get a bunch of things and then go bla bla bla.
— Kid at Boston Art Book Fair
Such naïve naturalness of expression was hard to resist.
— Edmund Morris, Theodore Rex
What a pointless life.
— Lily watching a video of a newborn flamingo.
I do.
— Alec Baldwin on thanking Frederick Law Olmsted every day, Motherless Brooklyn
In the past, each label was created manually, going through 6 departments before it was placed next to an artwork.
— @hyingridchou via @momadesignstudio post on "MoMA's new label tool, which uses data from's API to batch generate WYSIWYG labels for editing, review, approval, and production via PDF output."
I shall never forget the mixture of relief and amusement I felt when I thoroughly grasped the fact that while they would heroically submit to anarchy rather than have Tweedledum, yet if I would call it Tweedledee they would accept it with rapture.
— Theodore Roosevelt via Edmund Morris, Theodore Rex
I BELIEVED if I paid the price in full "once"...I could talk about it forever. In virtually every speech I give around North America I explain the "Do It Once and Talk About It Forever" philosophy.
— SR in Facebook post*
Like that of a bee smacking against many surfaces before buzzing into the open air.
— Edmund Morris, Theodore Rex
We're serving the ladies first... A Marriott tradition.
— Waiter at Newhouse event
Carnegie was courting the ultimate danger for a public fugure: he was very close to becoming a parody of himself.
— David Nasaw, Andrew Carnegie
Is the lowest I've ever sold a pair of lenses. You should feel lucky.
— Roman of Romanelli Optix