We used ice. As the ice melts, we can take out the straps and it will lower to the ground.
— Shelly Willis
“Without significant fanfare — or even visibility — we are integrating nonhuman intelligence into the basic fabric of human activity,” they write.
— Kevin Roose, "A Robot Wrote This Book Review," The New York Times
The letter—with its references to Hyacinthus and Apollo—was indeed so effusive as to be more like a work of literature than a regular communication. Its artistic excess could be turned to advantage. Pierre Louÿs was asked to transform the text into a sonnet—a French poetic version of Wilde's "prose poem." It could then be published... By making the letter public, they sought to destroy its power. No one had ever been blackmailed over a published poem.
— Matthew Sturgis, Oscar Wilde
How do we make it through having decentralized exponential tech.
— Daniel Schmachtenberger, "The Joe Rogan Experience #1736 - Tristan Harris & Daniel Schmachtenberger"
And with an inverted demographic pyramid, so you've got a lot more older people, and then fewer middle age people and then eventually just very few youngsters, and this will necessarily lead to resources being applied to taking care of the elderly instead of advancing science or advancing civilization. I'm quite worried about that one, becuase I see no reversal of the trend.
— Elon Musk, "Elon Musk speaks on Starship and SpaceX at National Academies of Sciences and Engineering with QA"
Indeed, Wilde thought that "a great deal of the curious effect that Maeterlinck produces" was due to the fact that French was not his first language. And he began to percieve that he might be able to achieve something similar. Freed from the demans of realistic dialogue, there was no reason why his own French would not be sufficient for the task. Oddities of expression would give a certain relief or color to the piece.
— Matthew Sturgis, Oscar Wilde
Swept from desert burrows, hundreds, if not thousands, of scorpions skittered into villages, stinging at least 503 people.
New York Times subheadline for "Plagues Strike Egypt: Sudden Floods, Then 4-Inch Scorpions Called Deathstalkers"
In many ways, you are already in the authoritarian state, you just don't know it. Many things happens today in US, is, can be compared Cultural Revolution in China.
— Ai Weiwei, The Firing Line with Margaret Hoover
— Title of display case in Wenham Museum "A Boxed Assortment" exhibit
A short story, after all, might count as part of the "more lasting work" that he so wanted to produce.
— Matthew Sturgis, Oscar Wilde
someone's facebook post from 2016 and Ed Ruscha's painting from 1976
— Caption to image comparision on @joey_llc's Instagram story
Disappointing people makes me physically ill and I will work hard to avoid disappointing you. My mom loves me and in turn I strive to be a good son.
— Dillon Reisman, “Who are you? Why should I trust you?,” Analogue NFT, https://anft.cargo.site/explainer
Where Wilde was greatly impressed by a sign hung up in Pap Wyman's saloon that read "Please do not shoot the pianist. He is doing his best." It was, he declared, "the only rational method of art criticism I have ever come across."
— Matthew Sturgis, Oscar Wilde
Adorned with ornamental braid fasteners.
— Definition of "befrogged"
But if you chain the pen, then you know you can touch it.
— Paul Ramírez Jonas
They see what they've been told to see.
— Paul, Dune
You should make a machine where you just put money in and it gives you a receipt.
— Lily
My god, it's weird to know as much as I know.
— Lily
Wilde's Oxford notebooks show him experimenting with epigrammatic formulae, condensing his knowledge, making his ideas memorable... In conversation he began to play with paradox.
— Matthew Sturgis, Oscar Wilde
It has been won by both Matthew Arnold and Ruskin (as well as by many wholly forgotten young men).
— Matthew Sturgis, Oscar Wilde