Still speak to us 100 years later. We’re moved by them, we’re, we’re stirred by them, we see pictures of our own life, and our own loves, in them. Human life isn’t meaningless because it ends.
— Adam Gopnik, “Darwinvaganza,” Radiolab
There’s no writing it down. There’s no putting it into order. Memory is part of a social group.
— Christine Boyer
Nothing distinguishes memories from ordinary moments.
La Jetée
If there is no such thing as the cosmic point of view, the idea of absolute importance in the scheme of things is an illusion, a relic of a world not yet thoroughly disenchanted, and there is no other point of view except ours in which our activities can have or lack a significance.
— Bernard Williams, The Human Prejudice
It’s not a problem for us. It’s a problem for history.
— Adi Zulkadry, The Act of Killing
There is no takeaway.
— Blond Interpreter at Tino Sehgal’s This situation
To have a fever and blackended fingers from the newspaper, to be excited not only by the mind but, at last, by a meal, by the line of a neck, by an ear. To lie! Through one’s teeth. As you’re walking, to feel your bones moving along. At last to guess.
— Damiel, Wings of Desire
Reminds me of a sea anemone.
— Jessie
Man is the measure of all things.
— Protagoras via Paul Muldoon
Adding that he also gets 138,000 emails a year that require a response, by way of explaining why he ought to keep his budget and staff.
— Ennifer Steinhauer and Ian Austen, "His Honor? Toronto’s Mayor Rampages On, to City’s Shame,“ The New York Times
At least I will die free.
— Mumford and Sons, “Wagon Wheel”
Everything that I’m experiencing already happened. You know how like you look out at the stars and you think oh that light’s been traveling for thousands, millions, of years to get to me and what’s happening on that star or on that planet around that star right now? Does it even still exist? Um, you can say that about everything around you. Because, I mean, by the time that you become aware of something in front of you it’s been sitting there for a while, relatively speaking.
— Carl Zimmer, “Speed," Radiolab
Forgive no error you recognize,
it will repeat itself, increase,
and afterwards our pupils
will not forgive in us what we forgave.
— Yevtushenko, “Lies”
I’m an albatross.
— John Hunter
I got sources to juggle.
— Kristin
And the man is not hurt exactly, he understands.
— Robert Hass, “Privilege of Being”
And in the facility for stopping to enjoy the present that is, to catch a fleeting reason to be alive and to have kept it a few seconds, and after it has been unearthed from the circumstances surrounding it to bring into the world of man the simplest things, to see the human spirit take possession of them, to create a new world where man and things can exist in harmony, that is my aim.
— Jean-Luc Godard, Two or Three Things I Know About Her
That we do not discover reality but rather invent it is quite shocking for many people.
— Paul Watzlawick, “On the Nonsense of Sense and the Sense of Nonsense”
Life itself is actually deeply asymmetric.
— Robert Krulwich, “Desperately Seeking Symmetry,” Radiolab
Where links between an individual and the state are weakened, moral responsibility will be diminished.
— Jeremy Moss, Climate Justice