She said, "Everyone is going to try to tell you not to do it. Curators, art historians, galleries, collectors, they're all going to make you feel like you're doing something wrong. But you know what, if we all quit making art, they'd all be out of jobs." It was really Team Art. It was cool.
— Eric Palgon, Owens, Laura
Nearly every document and image within it was selected not only to elaborate her history but also to open onto a more general case. At least that was the criterion by which we hoped generousity and scholarship might forstall narcissism and anecdote for its own sake.
— Scott Rothkopf, "Introduction," Owens, Laura
Eternity, said Frankie Lee
— Bob Dylan, “The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest”
I really do enjoy life.
— Sid at the Isle of Capri
Then I'd go home and lay on my bed and I'd think, what do they want, what do they want, what do they want, what do they want.
— Jim Carrey, Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond - Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton
Actually has a cotton like feel to it... Actually has a convex topping and a rectangular silhouette.
— Announcer on the 2017 National Dog Show
Who’s this, your body guard?
— Man to his friend’s kid in the Arthur Bryant’s line
I couldn’t find an empty corner.
— Mom on lack of empty corners to do a particular stretch
Victorian Alison Jr., Beachside Bungalow, Vermont Farmhouse Jr., Victoria's Farmhouse, The Victorian Painted Lady.
— Dollhouse sets at Hobby Lobby
In Africa you can just die.
— Judy on CPAP machines
It’s well put.
— Grandpa Jack on unreasonable angry tenant email
I didn’t like that when you were done with something you watched it.
— Chris Ware on animation on Charlie Rose
Gap brain. Gap toes. Gap music. Gap food. Gap building. Gap town. Gap egg.
— Lily after seeing Gap Body
At the time, I believed that shyness was very important, but now I know that shyness is one of the evils one must try to overcome, that in reality to be shy doesn’t matter—it is like so many other things to which one gives an exaggerated importance.
— Jorge Luis Borges, “Blindness,” Selected Non-Fictions
In fact, the form of the work of art gains its aesthetic validity precisely in proportion to the number of different perspectives from which it can be viewed and understood. These give it a wealth of different resonances and echoes without impairing its original essence.
— Umberto Eco, The Open Work
— Dad
A heist master.
— Lily
It's enough.
— Uriel Cidor on his small design decisions
It helps to have a sense of drama in this.
— Stephen K. Bannon, "The Daily," The New York Times
Western tradition is top heavy.
— Shanna Yarbrough