Is it important that these are made from people?
— Person asking about 6,000 Dandelions
Buying the celing tile in walmart
— TikTok via Lian and Colin
In 2015, Maine passed legislation that removed most censorship from their vanity plate program. Plates like GETFUKT are now allowed.
— @depthsofwikipedia via @lianreay
Goudy himself described it as being a straightforward and simple design, lacking any freakish qualities.
— "A NOTE ON THE TYPE" for Scrippts College Oldstyle via @no_goodny
This bounty enabled Nougé to acquire three of his favorite works... works that his own writings helped to make famous.
— Alex Danchev, Magritte
Caution: To avoid damage to the printer hard drive and to prevent a printer malfunction:
— Xerox® PrimeLinkTM C9065/C9070 Printer User Guide
And of course we'd talked about the famous story of the Dutch painter Frans Hals, who, after having a meal at an inn, shouted " I've left the money on the table" as he was leaving. And the innkeeper thanked him, since he saw on the table the gold Louis that Frans Hals had painted.
— Charles Alexandre via Alex Danchev, Magritte
Jersey Devil
— Two ordered by MD from Small World Coffee (fried free-range egg, pork roll, cabot cheddar, chipotle, and pickled jalapeno on a toasted english muffin with garlic butter)*
Everything we see hides another thing.
— Magritte via Alex Danchev, Magritte
I always concentrated on the individual photographs & each image's specific aesthetic properties. ROOKIE MISTAKE
— @emily_elsie (part of larger Instagram story series on Berenice Abbott)
I told him I was the Shell Vice President and that the cameras were documenting us because, if he got the job, he would be Shell's one milionth employee.
— Nathan Fielder, S4 E6: "Shipping Logistics Company," Nathan For You
Then too, Gorey's slighter drawings... don't pretend to be anything but frivolous. Their breif length and drawing room scale are proportionate to their pleasures. They're the literary equivilent of a bite of truffle. The very act of putting them on the stage makes them feel overdone rather than understated, an understatement is the essence of Gorey's droll wit.
— Mark Dery, Born to Be Posthumous: The Eccentric Life and Mysterious Genius of Edward Gorey
I love how he gets patted on his belly but it's probably in his contract.
— Lily on TSA dog
Nothing escapes us.
— David on us both seeing the hand symbol the guys did before slipping out of the ceremony
Mango Lassi
— Sign by the mango lassi
“Enumeration or lists of things form an essential part of Nonsense,” Elizabeth Sewell notes in her landmark study The Field of Nonsense.
— Mark Dery, Born to Be Posthumous: The Eccentric Life and Mysterious Genius of Edward Gorey
COURTESY WARNING: we are ~8 weeks away from Spotify Wrapped so this is your last chance to binge listen to trendy things that won’t embarrass you
— @HeavenlyGrandpa via @bustle
Balanchine spoke to Gorey on many levels. When the ballet master said that ballet, “like the music of great musicians... can be enjoyed and understood without any verbal introduction or explanation,” he was singing Gorey's song... As did Balanchine's impatience with what he saw as the reductionism inherent in critical attempts to articulate the “meaning” of his ballets. Gorey's sense of what's lost when we try to use words to nail down meaning was honed by his need, as an illustrator, to complement a text by saying something in images that couldn't be said in words.
— Mark Dery, Born to Be Posthumous: The Eccentric Life and Mysterious Genius of Edward Gorey
If you know somebody really well, you can never really believe how talented they are. I know how he wrote some of those poems, so I can't take them all that seriously.
— Edward Gorey on Frank O’Hara via Mark Dery, Born to Be Posthumous: The Eccentric Life and Mysterious Genius of Edward Gorey
In typically impish fashion, Mr. Wieden later admitted that the phrase was inspired in part by the Utah spree killer Gary Gilmore, whose last words before he was killed by a firing squad in 1977 were “Let’s do it.”
— Alex Williams, "Dan Wieden, Adman of Nike ‘Just Do It’ Fame, Is Dead at 77," The New York Times