I shall never forget the mixture of relief and amusement I felt when I thoroughly grasped the fact that while they would heroically submit to anarchy rather than have Tweedledum, yet if I would call it Tweedledee they would accept it with rapture.
— Theodore Roosevelt via Edmund Morris, Theodore Rex
I BELIEVED if I paid the price in full "once"...I could talk about it forever. In virtually every speech I give around North America I explain the "Do It Once and Talk About It Forever" philosophy.
— SR in Facebook post*
Like that of a bee smacking against many surfaces before buzzing into the open air.
— Edmund Morris, Theodore Rex
We're serving the ladies first... A Marriott tradition.
— Waiter at Newhouse event
Carnegie was courting the ultimate danger for a public fugure: he was very close to becoming a parody of himself.
— David Nasaw, Andrew Carnegie
Is the lowest I've ever sold a pair of lenses. You should feel lucky.
— Roman of Romanelli Optix
Four score and ten.
— Grandpa Jack
— Jason
Mr. Trump described the video footage he watched from the White House Situation Room as “something really amazing to see.” The experience, the president said, was “as though you were watching a movie.”
— Helene Cooper, Julian E. Barnes and Thomas Gibbons-Neff, "Watching the Raid Was Like a Movie, the President Said. Except There Was No Live Audio," The New York Times
Potentially parallel lines.
— Jason
As a benefit of membership, Council members may choose to receive the artist’s edition published during their membership year.
— "The Library Council," moma.org
I don't talk about money because once something comes into Princeton it has no value.
— J*
The Washington Post and The New York Times will no longer be delivered to the White House, officials said.
New York Times headline
My answer is yes but my judgment is no.
— Brian Cox, "The Great Society"
It's funny, we'll never see each other again. Isn't that funny.
— Guy giving directions to a family on 24th and Broadway
I'm definitely my favorite artist.
— Henry
The third and last danger against which I shall warn you is one which has wrecked many a fair craft which started well and gave promise of a prosperous voyage. It is the perilous habit of indorsing—all the more dangerous, inasmuch as it assails one generally in the garb of friendship.
— Andrew Carnegie via David Nasaw, Andrew Carnegie
But never boring.
— David Nasaw, Andrew Carnegie
Inside his Rough Rider hat: several extra pairs of specticales, sewn into the lining.
— Edmund Morris, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt
As the Harper's Weekly man remarked, the Roosevelt Commissionership "was never in the least dull."
— Edmund Morris, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt